TikTok Hits: Taylor Swift and SZA Top This Week’s Trending Sounds

From holiday classics to fun mashups, check out all these awesome songs everyone can’t get enough of on TikTok this week.

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December 29, 2022

The holiday season has brought us many amazing gifts this year. But better than clothes, games, or even time with loved ones were, of course, the new TikTok music trends to obsess over. So check out our list of songs that have been dominating the platform lately!

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“Last Christmas” – Wham! (1984)

Christmas day has passed by in a flurry of tinsel and turkey trimmings. That doesn’t mean TikTok users are quite ready to let go just yet though. Not if their love for “Last Christmas” is anything to go by anyway. A sped-up version of the 80s classic has become THE sound to play on all holiday-themed videos, from gift unboxings to snow day montages. Plus, the super simple dance challenge trending alongside the sound is a surefire way to keep everyone in the festive spirit a little longer.

“Where Are You, Christmas?” – Tori Feinstein (2013)

This song from the musical adaption of Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! has gained popularity alongside an effect that turns users into Whos. Naturally, people are loving seeing themselves with pointed snouts and rosy cheeks. Such festive cheer proves that TikTok is definitely no place for Grinches!

“Big Boys” ft. SZA – SNL Cast (2022)

In this song from Saturday Night Live, the female cast members sing about the type of men they want to be with during the cold winter months. As the musical guest of the episode, SZA lends her dreamy vocals to the song, and TikTok cannot get enough. With the song being so well produced, and SZA fully committing to her performance, nobody would blame you for thinking it was a track from her latest album SOS.

“cardigan” – Taylor Swift (2020)

Taylor Swift’s “cardigan” undoubtedly features some hauntingly layered harmonies. So much so that users have been playing it over photographs of meaningful moments from their lives that have, as they put it, altered their brain chemistry. Alas, a trend can only be wholesome for so long before it becomes a meme. Users have begun playing the sound over ridiculous and hilarious pop culture moments too. Whether they’ve altered our brain chemistry for better or worse, you can’t deny that this song is perfect for reminiscing.

“I Wish” – Skee-lo (1995)

This 90s throwback can be heard all over TikTok right now. It accompanies videos of users giving their moms makeovers, but not just any old makeover. In the videos, moms strut in and out of a room wearing their usual clothes, only to re-enter styled in an outfit taken straight from their daughter’s wardrobe. Users are having fun dressing up their moms as themselves, and the moms are absolutely slaying their new looks!

Spin Back x Collide Mashup – Kuya Magik (2022)

TikTok users love a catchy song they can choreograph a dance challenge to. Well, music producer Kuya Magik, who has 11.5 million followers on the platform, has created the perfect mashup to fulfil those needs. The track combines the upbeat hook of Scootie Wop’s “SPIN BACK!” and the passionate vocals of Justine Skye’s 2014 song “Collide” ft. Tyga. The result is a new addictive sound that has got everybody moving.

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