Cast Away Your Worries with Smooth-Sailing Yacht Rock

Drop your anchor and relax with our yacht rock channels and shows.

July 10, 2024

It’s yacht rock season all year long at SiriusXM as we bring you your favorite smooth-sailing hits from the 1970s and ’80s. With channels like Yacht Rock Radio, Yacht Rock Deep Cuts, and Yacht Soul, plus exclusive shows like “Club Yacht Rock,” you’ll be instantly transported to turquoise seas and cool breezes.

Yacht Rock Channels on SiriusXM

Yacht Rock Radio

Yacht Rock Radio has docked at satellite channel 17 for the 2024 summer season, playing artists like Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, and other titans of the genre. Plus, catch the brand-new weekly mix show “Club Yacht Rock.” It’s the kind of rock that doesn’t rock the boat!

Club Yacht Rock: Weekly Broadcast Schedule

Monday 9pm ET
Wednesday 5pm ET
Friday 7pm and 10pm ET
Saturday 4pm ET
Sunday 12am and 2pm ET


Yacht Soul

An app-exclusive channel, Yacht Soul features nonstop soulful and funky (but still so, so smooth) R&B and soul from the late ’70s and early ’80s from artists like George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie, Bobby Caldwell, Quincy Jones, Kool & the Gang, Al Jarreau, and more.

Yacht Rock Deep Cuts

For the biggest yacht rock fans around, stream the Yacht Rock Deep Cuts channel — available exclusively on the SiriusXM app — for lesser-known (but still delightfully smooth) yacht rock songs.

What is yacht rock?

Yacht rock is more than just a musical style; it represents an era of laid-back sophistication and an easy-going lifestyle. While we may not all have a yacht, with yacht rock, we can still experience the vibes.

A genre of music that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, yacht rock is characterized by its smooth melodies and polished production popular among yacht-owning individuals during this era. The music often features lush arrangements and a clean, polished sound that is easy on the ears, with catchy lyrics and harmonious vocals. The overall feel is relaxed and laid-back, suitable for leisurely activities — like sailing on a yacht.

Yacht rock often incorporates elements of jazz and R&B. Saxophone solos and Fender Rhodes electric piano are common. The lyrics in yacht rock songs often explore themes of romance, introspection, and escapism. The tone is generally positive and reflective, matching the easy-going nature of the music.

Some of the most iconic yacht rock artists include Steely Dan, Toto, Michael McDonald (both solo and with The Doobie Brothers), Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggins, and Hall & Oates.

Today, yacht rock continues to be celebrated for its timeless appeal. Its smooth sounds continue to evoke a sense of nostalgia and relaxation, making it a beloved genre for many music enthusiasts.