T.J. Miller explains the ‘Deadpool 2’ delay

T.J. Miller also discussed his new movie with Jennifer Aniston, Office Christmas Party, on The Jenny McCarthy Show.

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December 5, 2016

It took years for Ryan Reynolds‘ passion project, the box office and critical smash movie Deadpool, to hit theaters in 2016. Although 20th Century Fox greenlit a sequel almost immediately, fans will have to wait a little longer than expected to see the foul-mouthed, morally abject superhero suit up again. This is a good thing, said actor T.J. Miller, who plays bar owner Weasel in the original film and the sequel, said Monday on The Jenny McCarthy Show

“I think what’s great is they’ve now pushed it,” the comedian and star of Office Christmas Party said. “They were going to shoot it in the winter, now they’re going to wait, I think, for a little while because they have to get the script right.”

Superfans can be a franchise’s biggest critics so earning their approval with the first Deadpool film was essential. When it comes to a sequel, Miller says, “It’s about the fans.”

“The two original writers and Ryan Reynolds, if they follow that up and it’s not nearly as good of a movie, it’s going to really f***ing disappoint a lot of people,” he continued. “It’s going to ruin a franchise that could be … the cleansing palate to all the other superhero genre movies, all the Batmans vs. the Supermans, the Fantastic Fours, the Fantastic Fives, Fantastic Sixes. But yeah, so I think they’re going to take their time with it.”

What does Miller want for his role?

“I just keep asking, like, ‘I would love you to give Weasel a gun,’ because I think that character in an action scene shooting a gun would be really funny, because he’d be all about himself,” Miller said. “He wouldn’t be covering Deadpool or anything like that, he would just be firing all around and trying to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt.

Hear Miller discuss working with Jennifer Aniston on his current film, Office Christmas Party, below:

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