Richard Jefferson Compares LeBron James and Victor Wembanyama: ‘Height Wins’

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson recently shared his insights on the highly anticipated NBA draft prospect, Victor Wembanyama.

Matthew Fanizza
May 17, 2023

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson recently joined Justin Termine and Eddie Johnson on SiriusXM NBA Radio‘s NBA Today, captivating listeners with his intriguing comments about top NBA prospect Victor Wembanyama.

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Wembanyama vs. LeBron James

Jefferson’s insights shed light on Wembanyama’s immense potential and drew comparisons to basketball legend LeBron James. He expressed his admiration for Wembanyama’s skillset, highlighting how the young prospect’s abilities surpass those of LeBron when he first entered the league.

“Victor has all of the tools, and he’s 7’4,” Jefferson emphasized. “So he is far greater a prospect because we know height wins.”

The former NBA player went on to discuss the historical significance of height in the draft, emphasizing that tall players often become top picks.

“You look at all the drafts, who was drafted number one in the Jordan draft? Hakeem Olajuwon,” Jefferson pointed out. “Height wins all the time, whether it’s Shaquille O’Neal or whoever it is, you always draft the big number one.”

Wembanyama’s Skillset and the Importance of Team Fit

While Jefferson acknowledged the importance of Wembanyama gaining some weight, he also noted that the prospect’s current skill set and physical attributes make him an impressive force on the court.

“You don’t need him to bulk up like Shaq, you don’t need him to bulk up like Bron,” Jefferson stated. “You just need him probably to gain 15 to 20 pounds, and he’s still only 19.”

Richard Jefferson further emphasized the significance of Wembanyama’s destination, expressing his hope that the young player lands in a stable organization with experienced veterans.

“I think he needs to go to a stable place,” Jefferson remarked. “You want to make sure that he’s got that infrastructure there early.”

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