John Cena Reflects on Roman Reigns and the Evolution of WWE

The conversation delved into Cena’s evolution as a performer and more.

Matthew Fanizza
May 16, 2023

John Cena, wrestling legend and actor, recently made an appearance on SiriusXM Fight Nation‘s Busted Open Radio where he discussed his experiences in the world of wrestling. The conversation delved into Cena’s evolution as a performer and his views on the industry.

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Joined by Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray, Cena shared insights on his early days, learning from wrestling greats, and the changing landscape of sports entertainment.

Humble Beginnings:

Throughout the interview, John Cena emphasized the importance of learning from experienced wrestlers who came before him. He acknowledged the valuable lessons he gained from working alongside talented entertainers such as Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and many others. Cena highlighted the significance of observing, listening, and seeking guidance from these seasoned pros, quoting, “I was lucky enough to be able to ask them, ‘Hey, why did this happen?’ And get some great answers and insight.”

Cena recognized that his growth as a wrestler was a result of being surrounded by people who were better and smarter than him. This continuous learning process played a crucial role in his development, allowing him to become fluent in the art of wrestling. He specifically mentioned feeling confident in his abilities around 2015 during the US open challenge, where he would face any opponent and adapt accordingly.

As the conversation shifted to his legacy, Cena shared his humble beginnings. He expressed gratitude to those who welcomed him into the WWE family, citing a moment in Japan with Bully Ray as pivotal in understanding the company’s culture and the importance of shared wisdom: “And I, I never got to thank you for that. So thank you very much for dragging me out in the streets of Tokyo to have the beginning of what would be a wonderful ride on a lightning bolt.”

Passing the Torch:

When the conversation turned to Roman Reigns, Cena described him as the greatest ever and acknowledged the potential he sees in the current face of the franchise. Reflecting on his own journey, Cena shared that he wasn’t initially someone people bet on, but he was fortunate to have advocates who recognized his talent.

Additionally, Cena responded to LaGreca’s observation about WrestleMania 39, where Cena stood with Cody Rhodes, seeing it as a passing of the torch moment. However, he clarified that he doesn’t believe in formally passing the torch to anyone. Instead, Cena aims to put forth energy and hopes that individuals with potential can seize the opportunities that come their way.


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The Evolution of WWE and Sports Entertainment:

As the conversation shifted towards the evolution of WWE and sports entertainment, Cena spoke about the tremendous growth and progress he has witnessed. He highlighted the increased structure, improved treatment of talent, lighter schedules, better pay, and enhanced support systems available to wrestlers today. Cena commended the developmental system in NXT, describing it as a palace that provides top-notch facilities, coaching, and mentorship.

He also delved into the current renaissance in professional wrestling, where there are numerous places to work and avenues to showcase talent. Cena expressed excitement for the future and the hunger displayed by emerging talent.

John Cena’s appearance on Busted Open Radio provided a fascinating glimpse into his wrestling journey and his thoughts on the industry’s transformation. Check out the full interview on the SXM App now.