Glen Powell on Throwing Tom Cruise Out of a Bar and Partying with Joe Jonas

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Jackie Kolgraf
December 9, 2022

Glen Powell — who plays Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin in this year’s award-winning Top Gun: Maverick film — joined us for an all-new edition of our exclusive series Co-Star Superlatives. 

Like we were editing the yearbook of Powell’s acting career together, he looked back on people he’s shared the screen with to reveal who’s the biggest bookworm, the best person to go to a concert, most likely to grow a porn-stache and more.

See who he chose, and watch the full video below!

Glen Powell’s Superlative Picks

Most Likely to Hang Out at Craft Services: Zoey Deutch

Best Wingperson: Joe Jonas

Most Likely to Save the World: Tom Cruise

Best Person to Veg Out With: Nicholas Hoult

Biggest Bookworm: Jonathan Majors

Best Person to Go to a Concert With: Taraji P. Henson

Best Smile: Lily James

Best Stuntman: Tom Cruise

Most Likely to Grow a Porn-stache: Miles Teller

‘Co-Star Superlatives’

So, what is SiriusXM’s Co-Star Superlatives? Think of it as video version of the superlatives section in your yearbook; only it’s not your yearbook, but the yearbook of your favorite movie or TV stars. During each episode, we provide the categories and then co-stars share who they think most accurately embodies them. Watch more editions of Co-Star Superlatives on our YouTube Channel here anytime.

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