Garcon ‘definitely’ wants Redskins to re-sign Cousins

For Pierre Garcon, there is no debate.

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December 26, 2016

Pierre GarconFor Pierre Garcon, there is no debate.

The Washington Redskins must sign Kirk Cousins after this season, when their quarterback franchise tag on him is due to expire.

‘Great guy, great player’

Whatever that takes, whether it’s another tag or a long-term deal, doesn’t much matter to the Redskins’ wide receiver. He simply wants Cousins to continue throwing the ball to him and the team’s other pass-catchers.

“Definitely want them to sign Kirk,” Cousins told Alex Marvez and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “Kirk is a good guy, a great guy, a great player. He’s grown. He’s getting better. He’s getting that experience that he needs, and he’s setting into the type of quarterback he’s going to be. He’s definitely a good person, on and off the field — a good leader.

‘That positive influence that you need at quarterback’

“He loves playing football, he loves watching film, helping communicate with the guys, coaching the guys up and being that positive influence that you need at quarterback in the locker room. So he’s definitely one of those guys you want on your team, regardless of what position. He’s a great person that you want around whenever you’re going through anything.”