Fantasy Sports Radio’s “Bill of Rights” for fantasy football players

It’s the Fantasy Sports Radio Election Day special.

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November 9, 2016

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

As Americans went to the polls to elect the next President, fantasy football nation was voting on what’s really important: fantasy football and ways to make it even better. To that end we the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio hosts have come up with a Fantasy Football Bill of Rights.

1. Fantasy Football Will Play All 17 Weeks

Kyle Elfrink and Ray Flowers of The SiriusXM Fantasy Drive declared that all fantasy football leagues will last 17 weeks like the NFL season instead of the traditional 16 week format. “It has made zero chance to me forever,” says Elfrink. “The only argument that has been made is what if my player sits? Its mind blowing to me that we would erase a week for the fear that one of our players sit.”

2. The Commissioner Approves All Trades

Lisa Ann from Lisa Ann Does Fantasy says every commissioner should approve all trades to help prevent collusion. “This means you have to really sign up to be the commissioner,” Lisa Ann said. “You’ve got to be paying attention. You’ve got to handle your responsibilities.”

3. The Following Positions Receive Half Credit For a Pass Interference Penalty – Quarterback, Running Back and Wide Receiver

David Kitchen believes that there should be scoring for penalties yards. “If you are a receiver and you are responsible for your team marching down the field on a 50 yard pass and you are not able to catch that pass because someone interferes with you, but your team still gets those yards, you should some get credit.”

4. All Leagues Will Implement A Half Point Per Reception Scoring Format

The “Fantasy Guru” John Hansen declared that all fantasy football leagues should implement a half point per reception scoring format. Depending on the league fantasy owners play in, there is usually no points for a reception, a full point, or a half point. “It’s a little too much for receivers. Let’s give a little more love to the running backs,” says Hansen. “The best way to do that is pull back on the full point per reception.”

5. Fantasy Owners Play Everyone In Their League Each Week

Mike Clay from Next Level Fantasy Football wants every league to amend the “All-Play” format which means each team plays every league team every week and receives a total combine record against those teams after the week. “Everyone likes the head-to-head format, so you can still talk smack,” says Clay. The Next Level Fantasy Football host talks about the frustration fantasy owners have at times when they have one of the highest point totals, but their record isn’t good. “If you do straight all-play, the best teams will make the playoffs.”

6. All Fantasy Football Leagues Are A Combination Of Season Long And Daily Fantasy

Jeff Ratcliffe, host of Pro Football Focus declares that all leagues have a season long format so owners can still have their drafts, but also combine that with a weekly daily fantasy league. “In this era of fantasy football, you can’t just be a good season long player, you have to be good at (DFS also),” Ratcliffe said. “There is a unique skillset that applies to DFS that is different than season long. Why not combine them both for a true test of skill?”

7. If A Fantasy Owner Does Not Set Their Lineup, They Are Out of The League Next Year

Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson of RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today declare that if fantasy owners do not have a good reason for not setting their lineup, they are out of the league next season.

8. Starting Lineups Will Consist of One Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End and the Rest Flex Positions

The Football Diehards consisting of Mike Dempsey and Bob Harris amend all fantasy leagues should be allowed to have a more flexible roster. Fantasy owners will have to start one quarterback, one running back, one wide receiver and one tight end with the remaining starting roster spots labeled as a flex position with the option to start a running back, wide receiver or tight end at the flex position. “You build your team the way you want to build it,” says Dempsey. “This gives you the flexibility to build your roster the way you want it,” Harris said.

9. Eliminate Team Defense/Special Teams

The Fantasy Alarm duo of Jeff Mans and Ted Schuster rectify that all fantasy leagues eliminate team defense/special teams. “It’s completely random,” says Schuster. “It’s not a real position, not a real strategy, it’s a complete luck factor,” Mans said. The outspoken Mans says that fantasy leagues should instead use individual defensive players. “If you want to continue to make fantasy football a skill game, you really want to be a fan of the sport, you have to use individual defensive players.”

10. If You Finish In The Top Half Of Scoring In Your League, You Earn A Win

Actor/Director Michael Rapaport along with the “Fantasy Guru” John Hansen declare that fantasy owners receive a win if they finish in the top half of their league in scoring. That means if fantasy owners win their head-to-head match-up and finish in the top half in scoring, they earn two wins. “This removes some of the luck from the equation,” Hansen says. “Maybe you’re the hard luck team that goes against the top scoring team every week and you keep losing, now you at least get a win.”

Fantasy Football players also went to the poll to vote on the Most Valuable Player thus far along with the under the radar player who will carry owners to a championship. The ticket of Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans and New England Patriots running Dion Lewis edged out the rest of the field by generating 37 percent of the votes.