Emmy winner Jeffrey Tambor swears it’s really his body on ‘Transparent’

Jeffrey Tambor talked about his Emmy-winning role with Sandra Bernhard on Radio Andy’s Sandyland.

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September 20, 2016

After winning his second Emmy for Transparent on Sunday night, Jeffrey Tambor delivered a moving speech about hoping more trans actors land roles like his.

And in Sandyland, Tambor revealed a humorous drawback to being cis-gender while playing a transgender character: An interviewer asked if his chest was digitally enlarged for the Amazon show.

“These are my breasts,” he told Sandra Bernhard on Tuesday. “I mean, these are my breasts.”

“Yeah, they’re beautiful,” Bernhard said. “They’re beautiful for anybody.”

The reporter then asked if “the size of my nipples were enhanced,” he said. “I’ve never had a question like that! I went, what’s going on? What are people talking about? I put the phone down … and went and stared at my nipples for 30 minutes.”

Hear Tambor’s hilarious story about being high at his bar mitzvah below.

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