Don’t miss legendary hip-hop artist Biz Markie’s new show on Rock The Bells Radio

The “Clown Prince of Rap” is joining LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Radio (Ch. 43) to share exclusive stories, hilarious memories, and other iconic hip-hop moments.

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February 10, 2020

Hold on to your boomboxes — classic hip-hop fans have yet another reason to tune into LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Radio (Ch. 43) and its authentic, unadulterated takes on the genre. Get friendly with Biz Markie as he adds radio host to his ever-growing résumé (including everything from hip-hop legend to TV personality).

Dubbed the “Clown Prince of Rap,” Biz Markie will be celebrating classic music moments and sharing laugh-out-loud stories every Monday through Friday from 1pm to 4pm ET, starting Wednesday, February 12. Catch Biz Markie on Rock The Bells Radio for your daily fill of tales that will transport you back to some of the most innovative days of hip-hop as though they never left, as well as his take on modern culture.

Since popping off in the mainstream music scene with the certified platinum hit “Just a Friend,” Biz Markie has stretched his talent far beyond that of a mere triple-threat. Whether beatboxing on Yo Gabba Gabba or flexing camera capabilities in a Radio Shack commercial, his presence in pop culture has been undeniable, and his on-air anecdotes are sure to exhibit this fact.