Tommy Dreamer Remembers Bray Wyatt: ‘We’re Cheated Out of His Greatness’

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Matthew Fanizza
August 25, 2023

Credit: Getty Images

Tommy Dreamer paid tribute to his friend and fellow professional wrestler Bray Wyatt on Busted Open today (August 25).

“Shocking was the key word for me… you have that numbness feeling,” Tommy said after reading Triple H’s tweet about the news yesterday.

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“Here, here’s a young man who is so talented, so creative and you know, that’s the TV side of it,” Tommy added. “But for me, I knew his grandfather, I know his father, I was there when him and his brother first got signed. I know his uncle, I was just talking to his uncle about him and…I remember him just being an ECW fan or meeting him when he was little. And… there’s no words, there is no feeling, there’s no… you start questioning like why does something like this happen? It’s devastating and I have no answers I have only like thoughts — and great thoughts and prayers for strength for his family and friends.”

Wyatt, a father to four children, passed away on Thursday at 36. The somber announcement came through a social media post by Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s chief content officer.


“This is a hard one and, and because of his age and also because I felt like we were cheated out of his greatness,” Tommy said.

Under his birth name Windham Rotunda, Wyatt had taken a hiatus from WWE over recent months due to undisclosed health concerns. His association with WWE dates back to 2009, with a notable exception during 2021 and 2022 when he was unexpectedly let go. Making a triumphant return to WWE in September of last year, Rotunda’s enigmatic narrative, complete with mysterious video clips, played a pivotal role in enhancing television viewership.

Windham Rotunda was engaged to former WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman, and together they had two children. He also had two additional children from a previous marriage. Holding the accolades of a two-time former WWE Universal Champion and WWE Champion, Rotunda’s journey commenced in WWE’s developmental program as Husky Harris. He later transformed into Bray Wyatt, an eerie leader of a marshland cult, alluring followers with a sinister charm. Alongside his companions from the Wyatt Family, he garnered recognition in NXT before making his way to WWE’s primary roster in 2013.

In 2019, he reinvented himself as The Fiend, donning a chilling clown-like mask. While the kid-friendly skits of Bray Wyatt continued in the Firefly Funhouse, The Fiend emerged as a shadowy alter ego, participating in intense wrestling matches. Rotunda’s creativity gave birth to these intricate concepts, and The Fiend, almost impervious in the ring, both captivated and divided audiences, becoming a standout feature of WWE programming.

Rotunda reappeared in WWE the prior year, reprising his role after being released in 2021. He portrayed a reimagined Bray Wyatt, contending with lingering specters like The Fiend and Uncle Howdy. However, this evolving storyline was halted in February when Rotunda took a hiatus from television due to health issues.

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