Alternative Valentine’s Day Tracks

Tired of the same old songs this Valentine’s Day? Fall head over heels for our favorite romantic alternative hits instead!

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February 10, 2023

The most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with a holiday like this — cliché candy hearts, pink teddy bears, and the same few schmaltzy tracks played on a loop. Instead, why not shake it up this Valentine’s? There’s no need to skip out on the romance, either! You can keep it fresh and still charm your partner with this list of alternative love songs. Let’s give you something a little different to flirt to this year…

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Hozier — “Nobody”

This track speaks to loving people just the way they are. You don’t have to be a saint to be worthy of love, and no matter where he’s been, what he’s seen, and what he’s done, Hozier has had no love like your love. It doesn’t all have to be super deep, though — as the lyrics say, “I wouldn’t fall for someone I thought couldn’t misbehave,” and what’s more fun than misbehaving with someone you love? This is a great song to add to your Valentine’s playlist while steering clear of anything cheesy.


The Aces — “Volcanic Love”

When you’re deep in the throes of romance, sometimes it does feel molten, doesn’t it? The Aces’ 2018 track “Volcanic Love” is a testament to how love can ignite a powerful, burning kind of fire inside of us all. It’s a gentle, catchy song that’s filled with scalding yearning. If your romance has lit a match, this song definitely belongs on your Valentine’s Day soundtrack, and The Aces’ similarly-titled album When My Heart Felt Volcanic may well boast a few other tracks that deserve a spot on there too.


Lorde — “The Louvre”

The naked honesty of “I overthink your punctuation” cuts to the very core of what having a crush is like. Haven’t we all obsessed over every tiny detail of a message sent by somebody we like? And haven’t we all (probably rather uncoolly) dropped the ball on our friendships to just “sit in hell” with that special someone? “The Louvre” perfectly exudes the sparkly, giddy excitement of falling head over heels for someone. Put the megaphone to your chest — it might just sound like this song.


Cigarettes After Sex — “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”

This understated ode to wanting to protect your partner definitely deserves an outing this Valentine’s Day. The chill strum of the guitar, the mellow vibe, the simplicity — this is a phenomenal track to share with someone. It’s a far cry from the ’90s R&B song that the lyrics suggest you dance to in your living room, but we think you could share a pretty romantic slow dance to this alternative hit nonetheless.

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Arctic Monkeys — “I Wanna Be Yours”

Catching feelings for someone can be all-consuming. In “I Wanna Be Yours,” Alex Turner sings about wanting to be someone’s vacuum cleaner, their coffee pot, their portable heater – so, really, their everything, even the mundane stuff. Sometimes, that’s just how love is. It can be devotion as deep as the Pacific, and it can also be as everyday as simply wanting to keep someone warm. This Valentine’s Day, maybe don’t tell someone you want to be their vacuum cleaner, but do play this track for them nonetheless — the underlying message will still break through.

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