Alix Earle Talks Success, Breast Implants, and More

The TikTok star appeared on ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

Matt Simeone
May 3, 2023

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – MAY 02: Alix Earle attends Howard Stern’s live broadcast from the new SiriusXM Miami Studios on May 02, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

TikTok and Instagram superstar Alix Earle opened up to Howard Stern during her first appearance on his show, dishing on the key to her meteoric rise as an influencer, getting candid about her breast implants, and more.

On Tuesday’s episode of the Howard Stern Show – as part of Howard in Miami week – the 22-year-old University of Miami senior discussed how her social media success began with her sharing vulnerable posts about her acne, before she documented her decision to get breast implants.

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“It’s just a personal choice, and I think if there’s something you want to do for yourself then do it,” she said of getting elective surgery before explaining why she let her followers in on it. “I would never go on the internet and lie or not say something … like, ‘Oh yeah, they just grew overnight?’ No, so got to keep it real.”

Despite celebrating the first anniversary of her surgery with a “booby party,” the operation was hardly a joyous occasion. Alix recalled noticing the medical-grade knives just before the procedure.

“It’s not fun, like they don’t warn you for that,” Alix told Howard. “You are sitting there in this cold, refrigerated room, you feel like a piece of meat in there … I’m like, ‘Wait, knock me out. I can’t sit here seeing this.’”

Why Alix Earle Was Open About Getting Breast Implants

In addition to her newfound superstardom, Alix talked about her post-college plans. While she reflected on recently having an “identity crisis” since her success has been as a student, she also shared her positive outlook about the future.

“I’m always going to be going out and doing something and traveling and I’m going to keep sharing my stories because I like doing it,” she said, adding, “It doesn’t feel like work to me.”

Alix Earle Is About to Graduate College and Has Plans for What’s Next

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