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  • El Show de Don Cheto Monday – Friday from 8am to 2pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Saturday from 8am to 2pm ET
    Host Don Cheto and his sidekick Marlene provide a daily morning dose of down to earth funny and entertaining segments that quickly have become everybody’s favorites. Some of those segments are LAS HISTORIAS DE DON CHETO, LAS QUEMADAS, NOTI-CHET, ENGLISH LIKE CHET, LOS CASSETTES DE DON CHETO, EL CASANOVA DE MICHOACAN, IMMIGRATION TODAY, SEXO con MARLENE and many others.

    Don Cheto is a charismatic personality who has advice for everyone and an opinion on everything! He is the beloved grandfather all Hispanics have in their family.

    Don Cheto is a unique entertainer! He sings, writes and records his own music. He also dances like true professional and makes his listeners laugh all the way to work.

  • La Socia Monday – Saturday from 2pm to 6pm ETSilvia Pinal “La Socia” loves to entertain her audience with a combination of great music, pranks and entertaining daily segments such as LA PRUEBA DE AMOR, a funny segment about finding out if listeners love partners are being faithful. Another favorite feature is JOVANNA psychic readings where listeners get to ask questions about their future. On 12 noon Fridays, is HAPPY HOUR with La Socia, here she invites a local DJ to share his music mixes. Finally, La Socia interviews music artists that open up to her warmth and charisma.

    With 25 years of radio experience, La Socia and her witty and bubbly style, generates impressive ratings for QUE BUENA 105.5/94.3 in Los Angeles.

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