Dads & Grads Gift Ideas

Find something special for Father's Day or a graduation.

gift guide sport clips

Sport Clips

It’s not cheating, it’s getting to watch sports while you get a haircut. Okay, it’s kind of cheating, but it's also a great way to spend Father's Day.

gift guide tommy john

Tommy John

Tommy John has gifts for dads and grads! As your graduate takes their next step, treat them to next level underwear. And don’t forget Father’s Day!
gift guide legacybox


Legacybox is an effortless way to have your aging media digitally preserved, so they're safe for generations. Use code Sirius for 50% off your order.

gift guide sqairz shoes


Sqairz provide the balance and stability vital to consistency and distance on every shot and all day comfort when walking 18. SQAIRZ the distance golf shoe
gift guide aquasana


Give the gift of health this Father’s Day. Protect your loved ones with an award-winning Aquasana water filter. Expertly engineered to remove the contaminants you worry about most.