‘First Alert’: Real Boston Richey is Doing Big Things for Florida

Get to know Real Boston Richey, an on-the-rise rapper from Florida who recently released “Bullseye 2” off his debut mixtape ‘Public Housing.’

Jackie Kolgraf
September 27, 2022

Real Boston Richey is an on-the-rise hip-hop artist from Florida whose recent track “Bullseye 2” was crowned a First Alert by Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44) in a series that highlights breakout artists. To celebrate, we asked him a few questions about his upbringing, debut mixtape Public Housing and future plans.

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HHN: What inspired your song “Bullseye 2”?

RBR: What inspired “Bullseye 2” was where I was at in life. I was in public housing, popping me sh**, getting money, and I had a chain on the way. $100k for the chain, $50k for the pendant and $50k for the Cuban, so it was only right I put it on them.

HHN: How was it working with Future?

RBR: I’m not going to lie, I am going to keep it real with y’all. Working with Future let me know I need to get me sh** together. Brother does not play. He has studio consistency. All the vibes. For me, coming from where I’m from and to meet Future and see his work ethic, man, it taught me one thing: I had to get myself together. That’s why I am in the studio 24/8 now.

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HHN: What inspired you to create your debut mixtape Public Housing?

RBR: It was hard, man. It was tough. It’s a lot of pain that comes with this. Man, one thing I learned is when you are in that position to do, you can’t complain about how things come to you. If you are a real general like I am, you have to do that stuff with no tears, no crying, man. You have to stand up in the paint. For me to be that one for my people is a blessing to me.

HHN: What inspired your artist name “Real Boston Richey”?

RBR: That name came from just a regular IG name. I was inspired by “Boston George” from the movie Blow. I like how he was moving, and it just became a regular IG name that I stuck with and I ended up rapping.

HHN: What’s next on your calendar for 2022? Give us the big picture.

RBR: In 2022, expect to see Boston on all the billboards. I will be on every corner. I am going to be the biggest. We are coming with all the prosperity, all the blessings, all the consistency. You will hear Boston Richey on all of the corners from Florida to New York, from New York to Kentucky, from Kentucky to Paris. We are coming man, the biggest!