Get Ready for Paramore’s New Album ‘This Is Why’ with Their Biggest Throwback Hits

Look back at some of Paramore’s biggest and most iconic songs so far, from “Misery Business” to “crushcrushcrush” and more.

Jackie Kolgraf
February 9, 2023

Ellen Schmidt/Las Vegas Review-Journal/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

A brand new Paramore album is about to drop! After a five-year break, the band is set to release their sixth studio album, This Is Why, on February 10, and we can’t wait. Paramore’s turbulent history — featuring multiple line-up changes, interpersonal drama between the members, and stellar solo releases from Hayley Williams — has led up to this point, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the new album has in store for us.

Here at SiriusXM, we’re trying our best to wait patiently for This Is Why to arrive. In the meantime, though, we thought we’d tide ourselves over with a look back at some of Paramore’s most popular and successful tracks so far. Perhaps some of their new songs might soon be joining them? Let’s dive in!

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Released in 2007, “crushcrushcrush” was the third single from Riot!, the band’s second album. With killer riffs and a stomping beat, Hayley Williams’ vocals pushed this song to the next level. Plus, they were so ahead of their time — haven’t we all learned in the years since this was released that they were right? Truly, nothing compares to a quiet evening alone. Wise words, Paramore. Wise words.

“Still Into You”

Paramore, the band’s self-titled fourth album, arrived on the scene in 2013 and brought with it “Still Into You.” Is it any wonder that, even after all this time, we’re still into this song? The music video is bright and fun, full of bicycles, balloons, and ballet, but we thought we’d share with you the time Paramore stopped by the SiriusXM studio to deliver us an incredible exclusive rendition of the hit. Those live harmonies? Iconic.

“The Only Exception”

2009’s Brand New Eyes gave us “The Only Exception,” which itself was a bit of an exception to Paramore’s style. Offering a softer sound compared to their usual fare, the song picked up a GRAMMY nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, proving that changing things up was a risk worth taking. Fun fact: The many Valentine’s Day cards scattered around Williams in the video were all handmade by fans!

“Ain’t It Fun”

As the fourth and final single from their self-titled album, “Ain’t It Fun” snagged the GRAMMY Award for Best Rock Song in 2015. The inclusion of a gospel choir broadens Paramore’s sound in this one, as the band becomes more experimental with their work — a move that ex-bassist Jeremy Davis said made them “nervous” at the time, but it certainly paid off! We’ve been bopping to this hit ever since.

“Misery Business”

The song that we all know and love! As the lead single from Riot!, “Misery Business” marked the band’s entrance into the mainstream, and it’s generally considered the most iconic and enduring Paramore song. While there’s been talk of certain aspects of the song not aging particularly well — controversial lyrics led to the band’s decision to retire the song from their live sets in 2018, though they have since un-retired it — it remains incredibly popular. Trying to stop yourself from belting out the chorus alongside Williams is impossible. It just feels so good!

Bonus: “Decode”

While “Misery Business” might be Paramore’s most obvious hit, and the one that had the most success in the charts, “Decode” actually takes the top spot as their most-viewed video on YouTube. “Misery Business” clocks in at 255 million hits, but “Decode” has managed to rack up an astonishing 433 million.

Featured on the Twilight soundtrack, the video for “Decode” includes scenes from the film. While fans of the vampire franchise no doubt helped provide some of those views, “Decode” itself still deserves high praise, as proven by the GRAMMY nomination it received for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

Just like we were surprised to learn that “Decode” has “Misery Business” beaten when it comes to YouTube views, Kristen Stewart actually once stopped by The Jess Cagle Show and revealed that she never expected Twilight to be such a huge hit either! Who knew “Decode” and Twilight had even more than the obvious in common?

While we wait for This Is Why to drop, tune in to PopRocks (Ch. 12) to indulge in more of the best throwback hits.