EXCLUSIVE: Logic Talks ‘College Park’ Album, Eminem, ‘The Last of Us,’ and More

Rapper Logic talks to SiriusXM about his new album, ‘College Park,’ and working with stars like Eminem, Juicy J, Joyner Lucas, and more.

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Quinn Villarreal
February 15, 2023

Rapper Logic stopped by the SiriusXM LA Studios to chat about his upcoming album, College Park, which drops February 24. Hip Hop Nation host DJ Nina 9 and Shade 45 host DJ WhooKid caught up with Logic about everything from life to video games ahead of the launch. Check out the interview on the SXM App or watch the video below now.

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College Park Inspiration

Logic shared the meaning behind College Park during his sit-down interview with DJ Nina 9:

“It takes place in 2011. And it’s a day in a life with me and my best friends. My boy C Dot Castro, who’s a fellow rapper, who’s all over the album actually. Big Lenbo, who let me stay in his basement in College Park when I was homeless and didn’t have anywhere to go; who I wouldn’t be here today without. And then of course 6ix, my in-house producer. He was at the University of Maryland. He was pre-med, he was gonna be a doctor, and I snatched him up. Now he’s a multi-platinum-selling producer, which is really cool. And it’s about all the shenanigans we get into in a day in the life, on the way from College Park to D.C. for an open mic night that I’m ‘headlining.'”

Seth MacFarlane on Season Two of ‘The Orville’ (FOX)

Unexpected Collaborations


Logic shared how Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, TED, Robot Chicken) ended up on the new record. He released the song “Orville” on his last record, Vinyl Days (2022), referencing MacFarlane’s work as one of his favorite sci-fi shows, FOX’s The Orville.

“I’m a big nerd. I just love sci-fi,” Logic noted. After posting the song on Twitter, Seth MacFarlane started following him. After a few DMs, they got a drink and “just became homies.” Logic went on to reveal that “[MacFarlane]’s one of the illest singers of our generation. He sings like Frank Sinatra. A lot of people don’t really realize that.”

Beef Ending with Joyner Lucas

Logic has a new song on College Park with Joyner Lucas, who heavily criticized him in 2017 on The Breakfast Club. When asked about the feature by DJ WhooKid, Logic recalled a heartfelt apology:

“I wouldn’t say we had a beef … My whole life is peace, love, and positivity … But you know, he hit me up one day and just apologized like a man … He was like, ‘Hey man, I’m sorry about that.’ Like a real man. Yeah. A lot of people don’t do that.”

Working With Eminem

Additionally, DJ WhooKid and Logic discussed studio stories, including Logic meeting one of his idols, Eminem. He remembered annoying him:

“And the third time [asking him] I was like, ‘Am I being weird?’ He’s like, ‘Now you being weird. Shut the f*** up. I got something.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ And this m***** pulls out a CD.”

Later, Logic talked about his flawless recording session for “Homicide,” leaving the studio with a near-complete track in one session.

First Record To Now

Urban Outfitters recently announced pre-orders for a special vinyl of College Park, which sold out in 60 seconds. Logic reflected on his first album release, saying:

“I remember when my first album came out. I was in New York City, and this was back when Def Jam undershipped me [laughs]. Hey, I’m just saying! And I remember jokingly trying to sell my own album on the streets. And nobody gave a shit. ‘Cause I was just so on the come-up back then. So it’s crazy to think, ‘Wow, here we are, and all my vinyls sold out.’ That’s special.”

Kid Cudi performing at The Governor’s Ball, 2022

Mental Health

Also, Logic delved into his Billboard #1 single, “1-800-273-8255” featuring Alesia Cara & Khalid, and how he embraced being the “mental health guy” in the rap scene. He went on to talk to DJ WhooKid about inspiration from Kid Cudi:

“Wouldn’t you rather be known as helping people? ‘Cuz that’s how I feel about Kid Cudi, man. Cudi was one of the first people to talk about mental illness, and struggling, and anxiety. and depression, and suicide.

“Congress wrote me a letter, saying that a scientific study was done on the song [“1-800-273-8255”]. And that it uplifted; it’s proven to have saved lives.”

Logic continues to advocate for mental health and champions artists who speak out about their journeys.

Relationship with Substances

Logic opened up to DJ WhooKid about his relationship with substances, after cutting back for two years following the birth of his child:

“I didn’t really drink or smoke until I was like 27-ish. Because my parents, you know, both drug addicts and alcoholics. My dad was a crackhead and my brothers were running around in gangs and shooting guns and selling crack to our dad … Yeah, it’s wild. So I was always like, ‘Stay away. Nah, I’m not trying to do none of that.’ And I smoked a little bit as a teenager. And I drank a little bit, but I never got drunk. The wildest part is experiencing, like fame and success sober is weird. It’s almost like too intense.”

Video Games

Later, Logic shared how video games changed his perspective on life, giving him ways to connect with friends and family members:

The Last of Us is the greatest video game ever made. It’s a really incredible game and it changed my life, man. I like to say that it wasn’t an escape, it was an enhancement. It just is such a beautiful story and it’s something really, really incredible. I played that first one over and over and over and over. And low and behold, I was actually in the second one.”

Logic told DJ Nina 9 that his video game collection includes Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, PC, and even a mobile cloud gaming device called Shadow.

The Future & Juicy J

At the end of Logic’s interview with DJ Nina 9, he revealed he’s producing a project with Juicy J and 20 demo tracks are already available:

DJ NINA 9: “You posted something with Juicy J. Is this real or was this a joke? Are you really gonna executive produce one of his newer projects?”

LOGIC: “Oh yeah. It’s crazy. It’s insane. I got it, it’s on my phone… I said if me and Jordan are doing something, I gotta produce that whole thing. Yeah, from beginning to end.”