Celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Birthday with his Disney Songs

Join us in celebrating with a selection of his Disney songs, from “Moana” to “Mary Poppins Returns.”

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January 16, 2023

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s charity single “Almost Like Praying,” feat. Artists for Puerto Rico is top-selling song of the week.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, his name is Lin-Manuel Miranda… and it’s his birthday today, January 16! The award-winning songwriter, actor, playwright, and filmmaker is turning 43, and SiriusXM is celebrating the occasion in true music-loving fashion. You might know him best from the hit musical Hamilton, but he also has a growing repertoire of Disney work.

From on-screen performances to work behind the scenes, Lin-Manuel has given us some of the biggest Disney hits in recent years. From people we don’t really talk about to a hidden gem, read on for our birthday selection of his Disney songs.

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“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” – Encanto

Have you had this song about the ostracized member of the Madrigal family in your head since Encanto released in 2021? Well, you have Lin-Manuel to thank for that! The “family gossip song,” as he describes it, proved to be a viral hit. As its writer and lyricist, he truly achieved the complete opposite of the song’s purpose: everyone is talking about Bruno.


“You’re Welcome” – Moana

Who can forget the song that had many of us saying, “Wow, Dwayne Johnson can sing!”? 2016’s Moana has a fantastic soundtrack, all courtesy of Lin-Manuel’s collaboration with Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa’i. “You’re Welcome,” led by the demi-god Maui as he brags about his achievements, has us face to face with greatness, and it’s not strange at all.


“Jabba Flow” – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lin-Manuel gave his own musical twist to a beloved part of Star Wars – “Cantina Band” from Star Wars: A New Hope. Lin-Manuel had the difficult task of helping Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams write a new piece of music for the sequel’s cantina scenes. Written in Huttese, he described the song as a “Shaggy intergalactic remix”, and it’s hard to disagree!


“A Cover Is Not the Book” – Mary Poppins Returns

Lin-Manuel doesn’t just work behind the scenes: you can see him in the flesh in the sequel to the Disney classic Mary Poppins. This upbeat tune brings back the iconic tuxedo penguins for a colorful, joyful moment, allowing Lin-Manuel to perform alongside a flurry of animated companions. Open it up and take a look!


“We Know The Way” – Moana

“We Know the Way” was the first song to be written and composed for Moana, and it sets the film’s tone perfectly. The number carries the powerful message of finding your way to the place where you truly belong, a key theme throughout the film. Fun fact: Lin-Manuel’s voice wasn’t supposed to feature on the track. That version was an early demo, but his vocals made it all the way to the official soundtrack.

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