Jose Mangin Talks Hard Rock with Celebrities on New Podcast

The debut episode features James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

Jackie Kolgraf
July 15, 2023

You know Jose Mangin from his 2+ decades of work on Octane (Ch. 37) and Liquid Metal (Ch. 40). Now, get to know him and his love of all things metal even better when he hosts the Metal Ambassador podcast, a monthly show available exclusively on the SXM App.

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Metal Ambassador features Jose in conversation with notable artists from all walks of life who are passionate about heavy metal — including celebrities who are closet metal fans but never get the chance to share their fervor.

Special guests on the debut episode premiering April 14 include James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

Jose “Metal Ambassador” Mangin has spent 22 years at SiriusXM as a pioneering curator and main host on Octane and Liquid Metal. He’s the founder of the Headbang for Science Scholarship Foundation, an annual award for students who want to be doctors/scientists and love heavy metal. Jose is also currently the emcee for five major American rock festivals.