Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour: What We Know

The tour has officially kicked off — and isn’t one to miss.

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May 11, 2023

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkwood

Beyoncé officially kicked off her Renaissance World Tour on May 10, and the Beyhive is abuzz!

Beginning in Stockholm, Sweden, the 57-show tour is hitting 40 cities — and we already can’t get enough of it. Queen Bey is pushing herself and her crew further than ever before to deliver a jaw-dropping show. Naturally, fans are clamoring for every scrap of information that they can find. So, it’s time to get in formatio,n because here’s everything we know about the Renaissance tour so far!

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The Setlist Spans Her Career

This marks Beyoncé’s ninth tour, and the professionalism and polish of the show speaks to that. With a back catalog as extensive and beloved as Beyoncé’s, the issue was always going to be fitting in all the hits and making sure that fans don’t leave disappointed.

Luckily, the setlist has something for everybody. Whether you’re a fan of her first album, Dangerously in Love, or a recent convert who’s been shown the light during the Renaissance era, you’ll be going home happy.

As it’s the Renaissance World Tour, the song choices do skew heavily toward her most recent release. The entire album, in fact, gets an outing during the set — something Beyoncé has never done before. But even if you prefer her earlier albums, Beyoncé has put together a true spectacle of a show.

That said, there are some notable exceptions, with “Halo” and “Single Ladies” both absent from the setlist which has come as a surprise for many. Here’s the full setlist:

Dangerously in Love 2
Flaws and All
I Care
I’m That Girl
Alien Superstar/ Sweet Dreams
Lift Off
Cuff It
Break My Soul
Run the World (Girls)
My Power
Black Parade
Savage (Remix)
Church Girl
Get Me Bodied
Before I Let Go
Rather Die Young
Love On Top/I Want You Back
Crazy in Love
Plastic Off The Sofa
Virgo’s Groove
Naughty Girl
All Up in Your Mind
Drunk in Love
America Has a Problem
Summer Renaissance

The Visuals Are On-Point

As you’d expect from a Beyoncé show, the visuals, choreography, and costuming are all guaranteed to wow, no matter what. Likewise, the set and stage design looks phenomenal. We would’ve expected nothing less from Queen Bey!

She’s gone above and beyond for the show, innovating and pushing artistic boundaries forward. Robotic arms held metallic frames that tracked her movements and highlighted just how good she is on stage. Her moves are always precise, and she stands out effortlessly even among her incredible dance team. Talk about flawless!

The Looks Are Iconic

From a high-fashion bee outfit to a color-changing dress powered by UV light, Beyoncé’s tour looks are killing it. With Mugler, Alexander McQueen, and Loewe being just a few of the names involved in assembling her tour wardrobe, we’re not surprised.

We also need to talk about the UV light moment (featured in the tweet below). It’s going to live rent-free in our minds for the rest of time. Watching her all-white cover-up become a colorful geometric-print look, which then reveals a perfectly-fitted custom Balmain bodysuit with matching sunglasses…? We’re still reeling!

The Performance Includes a “Toxique” Britney Sample

What’s better than one icon? Two icons, of course!

Beyoncé sampled Britney Spears’ “Toxic” as a lead-in to “Thique,” and it’s going to be stuck in our heads for the foreseeable future. The crowd erupted at Beyoncé’s musical nod to Spears, with fans dubbing the moment “Toxique.” We can only hope the delight over this leads to more iconic collaborations in the future. Or should that be iconique collaborations?

The Beyhive’s Power Was Acknowledged

Beyoncé also gave fanbase in-jokes a nod during the show. Ever since Renaissance dropped, the Beyhive has been begging for her to release the visuals. An August 2022 teaser led fans to believe that videos had been filmed to accompany the album.

Nothing has surfaced yet, though, and her fans have been steadily growing louder in asking for them. During her show, the “Formation” intro called everyone out, and you can consider us silenced! “A queen moves at her own pace” — Beyoncé simply cannot be rushed.

The Tour Supported Charity

While entertaining the masses is one thing, Beyoncé also aims to go above and beyond on her tour for those who are local to the areas she’s performing in. As well as putting $1 million dollars towards scholarship funds across 10 different cities, this tour is also set to provide a thousand small business owners with grant opportunities and resources to bolster entrepreneurship, thanks to her BeyGOOD Foundation.

With charitable aspirations like that, is there any wonder her fanbase stans so hard?

The Show Ended on a High Note

The Renaissance World Tour goes out on a high — literally. Clad in a beautiful silver-caped outfit and mounting the disco ball horse featured on the Renaissance album cover, the “Summer Renaissance” finale sees Beyoncé take to the skies — first atop the horse, before the wires are removed and Beyoncé takes flight alone above the crowd as confetti falls.

It’s a mindblowing moment and one that fans will be talking about for years. What a way to close the show!