Enjoy every beat of SiriusXM with 360L

Here are a few simple steps to help you access the content you love and navigate the great features that make it a smooth and awesome ride.

Can’t hear SiriusXM channels?

1.) Your radio may simply need a refresh signal. You can have one sent in just a few moments. Have your Radio ID or VIN handy, then send a refresh signal. If the refresh is unsuccessful, try step 2.

2.) Power cycle your radio. Turn the ignition off, open and close the driver's door, and wait a full 5 minutes for the vehicle to shut completely off. Every vehicle is different, so it may take some vehicles longer than others to completely power down. After 5 minutes, turn the vehicle back on. Tune to channel 8 to confirm you are receiving a satellite signal and channel 703 to confirm you are receiving a streaming signal (Platinum, Music & Entertainment, & Music Showcase customers only). If the power cycle is unsuccessful, try step 3.

3.) Put the radio in Deep Sleep. Repeat step 2, but allow your vehicle to completely power down without interaction for at least an hour. If the above steps were unsuccessful, please call us at 855-290-6594

Subscribe/Upgrade to Listen Message

SiriusXM offers a variety of plan options to suit different listening preferences. If you try to tune in to a channel that’s not included in your particular plan (for example, Howard Stern channels are not available with a Music Showcase subscription), you will see an Upgrade or Subscribe to Listen message. Comparing and/or making changes to your subscription is quick and easy.  Note that most new and used vehicles are equipped with an Platinum trial subscription—our very best plan.  Platinum includes every channel we offer in and out of the vehicle.

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Take Your Favorite Channels Car to Car with Profiles 2.0

 When it comes to audio entertainment on the road, nothing beats being able to tune in to your favorite SiriusXM channels, personalized Pandora artist stations, or podcasts. With Profiles 2.0 you can log in and quickly find your SiriusXM Favorites and Listening History in other activate SiriusXM with 360L vehicles besides your own—including rental cars. Learn more about managing your personal Profiles 2.0 profile.

Low Signal Strength or No Audio

An Internet Signal Lost message displays when the signal for streaming channels (ones that display a wifi icon, or are typically numbered 701 or higher) isn’t strong enough to download or play the content you’re tuned to. This is typically a temporary issue. You can either stay tuned and wait for the connection to recover, or switch to a satellite channel (identified by a satellite logo, or typically numbered 700 or lower) to continue listening right away. If you lose audio altogether, please be sure your vehicle's antenna has a clear view of the sky. If it does, try refreshing your signal or power-cycling your radio, as described above.

Confirm Password Message for GM Owners

If your screen displays a Confirm Password message, this relates to your OnStar service rather than your SiriusXM account. Please contact OnStar to speak to a representative for assistance.

OnStar Modem Connection Verification for GM Owners

Platinum, Music & Entertainment, and Music Showcase subscribers who can tune to and hear audio on satellite channels but not tune to or hear audio on streaming channels or listen to On Demand content should look for a 4G/LTE icon on the bottom right portion of the screen to verify their modem is connected. If no icon appears, please contact OnStar to confirm your modem connection status by pushing the blue OnStar button in your vehicle.

Enable VW Car-Net to Access All Your SiriusXM with 360L Features

Many new Volkswagen models are equipped with VW Car-Net Remote Access, which helps you stay connected to your vehicle and through your smartphone no matter where you go. You must enroll in VW Car-Net Remote Access in order to unlock all the features and content that are included as part of your SiriusXM trial —including On Demand shows, For You recommendations, and more. If your VW Car-Net enrollment was not completed at your dealership, simply push the “i-Call” button in the cabin of your vehicle to initiate a call to a VW Car-Net Response Center Specialist who can assist you. You may also download the VW Car-Net mobile app or contact VW Car-Net at 833-922-1292.

Can I contact someone if I have more questions?

Yes. Just call us at 855-290-6593. Our team of Care agents is dedicated to helping you enjoy all the great content and features that are part of your SiriusXM with 360L experience. For quick answers to common queries, be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions specific to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions