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Kenny Chesney's Big Revival Radio

Airs Monday 9/22 at 6 am ET through Sunday 10/19

In celebration of his brand-new album, The Big Revival (out Tuesday 9/23), SiriusXM honors Kenny Chesney with his very own channel: Big Revival Radio.

Featuring music spanning Chesney’s entire career, Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Radio will play music from Chesney’s personal collection, including live performances and collaborations with artists such as Uncle Kracker, the Wailers, Grace Potter, Kid Rock and more.

In addition to Big Revival Radio, SiriusXM will air a Town Hall, where Chesney will answer questions from an audience of SiriusXM listeners at the Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

Moderated by The Highway’s Storme Warren, the Town Hall will air on Monday 9/22 at 12 pm ET.

The limited-run channel will launch Monday 9/22 and will air through Sunday 10/19 via Y2Kountry, channel 57.

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