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KPL New Line-up Now On!

Kids Place Live is excited for our new channel line-up now in effect! The Animal Farm airs weekdays 3pm–5pm ET and again Monday - Thursday 8pm–10pm ET and for the first time ever, the show is now available On Demand through Absolutely Mindy! airs weekdays 7am–10am ET, The Absolutely Anybody Show airs weekdays 10am–12pm ET and Live from the Monkey House with Jack Forman airs one hour earlier from 5pm–8pm ET. Tune in and play along with the fun as we make special personalized morning announcements, field trips to The Animal Farm, Monkey House tours, birthday announcements, sneak attack wake-up calls and much more.

Birthday Shout-Out

Request a Birthday Shout-Out!

Do you have a kid with a birthday coming up? Let us know in advance and they might just get to hear their big day announced on the radio! 

Announcements can be made most weekdays either in the morning during The Absolutely Mindy Show (7-10 am ET); during The Everyday Birthday Party with Laurie Berkner (12-3 pm ET) *Submissions for The Everyday Birthday Party must be made a month in advance, The Animal Farm (3-5 pm & 8-10 pm ET *Fridays only 3-5 pm ET are available), or during Live from the Monkey House (5-8pm ET).

**Please note that this is a request and not a guarantee.  We do our best to announce as many birthdays as possible!

Your Shout-Out request has been received!

Listen to Kid's Place Live for your Birthday Shout-Out. If you'd like to make another Shout-Out request, click here.




  • NOTE - Kids Place Live has changed its programming line-up effective Feb. 18th, 2014.
    Please refer to the top of the page for new show times.
  • Please be sure to read our Privacy Policy -- when you Request a Birthday Shout-Out!, it means you accept these terms.

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KPL Videos


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  • KIDZ BOP Block Party Saturdays 8 pm ET Kids rule the radio! This by-kids-for-kids weekly two-hour show lets kids across North America help determine weekly playlists and segments, chat with celebrities and get a chance to have their voices heard. Each week, KIDZ BOP Block Party! kicks off the show with the KIDZ BOP High 5, its weekly Top 5 countdown segment. Kids can vote for the songs they want to hear at The show also features an “Artists 2 Know” segment, which will showcase a different musician, actor or performer during a special Q&A session.

  • The Animal Farm Weekdays 3 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Monday - Thursday 8 pm ET
    The Animal Farm is a live interactive program that blends music with an assortment of fun animal characters. The show, hosted by 20-year veteran of children’s radio Kenny Curtis, encourages kids to call in and talk to their favorite animal characters as they follow their misadventures on The Animal Farm.

  • The Wiggles Radio Show Weekdays 12 pm ETThe world's #1 preschool entertainers, The Wiggles, play DJ and introduce their favorite songs exclusively on Kids Place Live.  Join the fun every weekday with these legendary rock stars from the kids' world and hear a mix of songs, stories and adventures you've never heard before... with plenty of surprises along the way!

  • Absolutely Mindy! Weekdays 7 am ETDo you dream of having your own radio show? Do you spend too much time sitting in your dresser drawer talking into a hairbrush microphone? Do you get cast as a stage prop in school plays? Do your hands smell like Christmas trees? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you might be Absolutely Mindy. If not, then you should listen to her show on the radio. You can even be a part of it! Just expect the unexpected and nobody will get confused. Well, maybe just a little...

  • "Live from the Monkey House" with Jack Forman Monday - Thursday 5 pm ET and Saturday 10 am ETJoin Recess Monkey’s Jack Forman on a madcap musical adventure through each room of The Monkey House. What’s behind door number one? Wacky daily themes! Door number two? Special guests! Door number three? Phone calls with kids! Is it us, or does this feel like it’s a game show? Well guess what... IT IS! And the winner... wait for it... is YOU! Play your cards right, and we’ll send you the home game just for playing along

  • Couch Potato Stew Fridays 8 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Saturdays 6 am & Sundays 3 pm ET

    The Kids Place Live kitchen prepares a weekly buffet featuring one secret ingredient: every song has to come from “a Screen.”  Movie songs, TV themes, cartoons, internet sensations; if it can be seen on a screen, then the music is the super special ingredient in our exclusive 2-hour weekly blend of Couch Potato Stew!

  • World Playground with Putumayo Saturdays 6 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Sundays 10 am ET
    The world Playground is a weekly one-hour musical journey for kids of all ages to experience the best in world, folk, blues, jazz and more, all while learning fascinating facts about kids and family life in other cultures half a world away!

  • Story Pirates Radio Fridays 5 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Sundays 1 pm ET
    Story Pirates Radio is an exclusive weekly, two-hour show, featuring stories written by Kids Place Live’s own listeners and performed by the Story Pirates, the non-profit theater group.  Young listeners will get the chance to make up stories, characters, homemade sound effects, and fake commercials on-the-spot wherever they are.

  • MindyFor Mindy, the Absolutely Mindy Show is just an excuse to prolong her own childhood, which she spent sitting in her closet playing radio. She had the number one radio station in the whole house, and this gave her confidence to try it after college. When she's not busy talking into her hairbrush microphone, she can be found playing in the great outdoors, teaching her cat how to smile, trying to learn the banjo, paying parking tickets, or dancing like a hillbilly. Her mom wants her to invest in a "nice pair of black pants" as a sign of sophistication, but Mindy knows better.

  • Jack FormanJack Forman is a member of Seattle’s Recess Monkey, the band of longtime elementary teachers who have self-released eight LPs for kids and families. The band has earned national acclaim for pitch-perfect understanding of childhood, and their seamless appeal to every member of the family. He’s been a regular contributor to SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live for four years, most recently producing a series of music education specials called Recess Monkey’s TUNEiversity. Though no longer in the classroom, Jack continues to work tirelessly in the field of education. He has served on non-profit boards, has spoken on several music and education panels about music’s impact on kids, and is a champion of the kind of high quality “kindie” music being made right this minute across the country. He and his wife have a toddler, two chickens and a cat, though only one has his own room.

  • Kenny CurtisHere is a funny thing about Kenny Curtis. He was the last person to see what everyone around him knew all along: He was born to do children's broadcasting. In college, when he was looking for sane, respectable work, his roommate sent him to audition for the clown/co-host role on a children's TV show. "You'll be perfect for this," he said, and Kenny got the job. As an undergraduate with serious acting aspirations, Kenny landed a role in a movie for adults called Cry-Baby. Coincidence? We don't think so. As he pursued his career in children's programming in both radio and television, Kenny discovered that not growing up could be a valuable asset on the job. It may explain why today, as a father of five, he still has an uncanny knack for finding the way to children's hearts and minds. Hear his vision of kids' radio come alive on Kids Place Live.

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