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H.U.R. Voices

H.U.R. Voices

H.U.R. Voices will offer exciting, educational and entertaining original programming that examines and explores issues that affect people of color, including a unique mixture of talk radio, local and national news, and great music. The channel will feature WHUR and WHUR-WORLD signature programs like the “Daily Drum,” a weekday public affairs program that will expand to one-hour; the “Dr. Audrey Chapman Show,” with the relationship guru; and the “Sighlent Storm,” the only radio show devoted to the issue of domestic violence. New programs include “People Money Life,” “The Traveling Eye” and “He Said She Said.” H.U.R. Voices will embody the mission of Howard University—to serve “America and the Global Community.”

H.U.R. Voices will be available on SiriusXM Internet Radio Ch. 141 on January 19, 2012.

  • The Audrey Chapman Show Saturdays 8 am ET
    Rebroadcast Mondays and Thursdays 7 am ET
    Audrey Chapman Show is a live, interactive program, simulcast with parentstation WHUR-FM, on which celebrity experts offer listeners advice aboutrelationships and romance. Dr. Audrey Chapman, the program’s host, is anationally known relationship specialist.

  • Beyond The Bling Fridays 2:30 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Mondays 6 am ET
    Beyond the Bling focuses on the finances of African American women. The show features women who share personal experience as well as financial advice on how to properly manage money.

  • Blues on Blues Sundays 2 pm ETHosted by Ed Williams, Blues on Blues is an intensive, four-hour program thatoffers an array of music that has been influenced by the Blues, including Rhythm &Blues, classic or soul blues, gospel, jazz, and rock and roll. Williams fluentlyilluminates the genre as he informs listeners of history, facts, and real-lifeexperiences of the genre’s artists.

  • Bobby’s Music Machine Saturdays 6 am ETTwo hour music intensive show that features music from the Caribbean. Featured genres include Reggae, Soca, and Calypso hosted by Bobby Adams.

  • Café Mocha Saturdays 1 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am ET
    Hosted by legendary hip-hop artist MC Lyte and comediennes LoniLove and Angelique Perren. Known as the show with “three flavors and oneexperience,” this contemporary, music-themed program features celebrityinterviews, compelling conversation, relationship dialogue and much more.

  • The Connection Weekdays 3 pm ETA four-hour, music-intensive show that also includes news andinformation hosted by Lorna Newton.

  • The Daily Drum Weekdays 7 pm ETHour-long daily news program featuring national andlocal news and a half-hour interview segment, called Insight. Hosted by theWHUR-FM news team, the first 30 minutes will be simulcast on WHUR-FMlocally. The Daily Drum has been a primetime staple of Howard University radiofor 39 years.

  • Divine Inspirations Sundays 7 am ET
    Rebroadcast Tuesdays and Fridays 6am ET
    Weekly broadcast of sermons from Howard University’shistoric Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Divine Inspirations provides upliftingand encouraging messages from notable guest speakers. Previous guests includeDr. Cornel West, Reverend Joseph E. Lowery, and Bishop Vashti McKenzie. DivineInspirations is narrated by the student voices of WHUR-World HD2.

  • Glasshouse Project Sundays 1 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Fridays 7 am and Sundays 5 am ET
    Weekly program that utilizes the skills of students fromHoward University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications who areinterested in radio production. The shows are produced and hosted by studentsand feature lively discussions about politics, entertainment news, and campusactivities.

  • Gospel World Sundays 3 am ETContemporary gospel program featuring inspirational music fromaround the world.

  • The Hang Suite Weekdays 8 pm ETHip and edgy show featuring party mixes and artistinterviews. Hosted by the duo Marc Clark and Troy Johnson, TheHang Suite is part of a multimedia playground that integrates the latest technology,including Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and live video streaming to attract andencourage audience participation.

  • The Health Chat Tuesdays 1 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Thursdays 1 pm and Saturdays 4 am ET
    Hour-long talk program that focuses on the various healthdisparities that exist in the African American community. The program offers bothholistic and allopathic approaches to health and educates listeners about how tomaintain healthy lifestyles. Nutritional expert Akmal Muwwakkil, Ph.D., and DianaBroomfield, M.D., an assistant professor at the Howard University and GeorgeWashington University medical schools, host the program.

  • He Said, She Said Mondays 1 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Wednesdays 1pm, Saturdays 5 pm ET
    He Said, She Said explores the complex relationships that exist between men andwomen. In a true battle of the sexes, Renée Nash, WHUR-FM’s director ofInformation and Public Affairs, and her assistant Jeff Wims host the show.

  • Horizons Saturdays 3 am ET
    Mondays 9 am ET
    Weekly half-hour program focusing on general health issues in theAfrican American community. Producer and on-air personality Tyrone Barksdale isthe host.

  • InnerView Tuesday 2 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Thursday 2 pm and Fridays 9 am ET
    InnerView features interviews with scholars, political leaders, and social activistswho discuss their personal journeys and perspectives on life. Peggy Lewis, aHoward University lecturer and professor of communications, is the host.

  • Internal Affairs Friday 11 am ET
    Rebroadcast Mondays 11 am and Wednesday 8 am ET
    Internal Affairs features students from Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communication. The student produced show features topics that affect college students including financial aid, housing, and academic support.

  • Let’s Talk Money Saturdays 11:30 am ET
    Rebroadcast Wednesdays 7 am and Thursdays 12:30 pm ET
    Half-hour program that focuses on business news and featuresinterviews and frank conversations about money matters with aspiring andestablished entrepreneurs hosted by WHUR News reporter Taylor Thomas.

  • Nano Talk Wednesdays 9 am ET
    Rebroadcast Saturdays 4 pm and Mondays 12 pm ET
    Nano Talk is where science, engineering, and technology meet the people. Host Gary Harris provides technical information that is timely and relevant to the everyday listener.

  • New Artist Feature Thursdays 12 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Saturdays 11 am and Tuesdays 9:30 am ET
    New Artist Feature is a thirty minute music program featuring unknown artists fromaround the country. It provides exposure not normally afforded new talent onconventional radio and includes interviews with the artists.

  • Newsbreak Saturdays 3:30 am ET
    Rebroadcast Tuesdays 9 am ET
    Newsbreak is a half-hour program featuring Howard University news and activitiesThe WHUR-FM News Department serves as hosts.

  • People, Money, Life Wednesdays 2 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Fridays 8 am and Mondays 9:30 am ET
    An engaging 30 minute show about news and information that affects our everyday lives. The TV show style format involves comments from man our on the street interviews with people from all over the country expressing their feelings about the topic of the day. Our expert guests address a list of issues from money management, education to the latest break through in medical research. No issue is to taboo to discuss.

  • From The Press Box to the Press Row Fridays 1 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Sundays 10 pm and Tuesdays 8 am ET
    Press Box to Press Row is a sports talk show that highlights teams andathletic events at HBCUs around the nation and features interviews withnewsmakers and top coaches, student-athletes, and administrators. In addition, thehour-long program includes interviews and guest spots with premier professionalathletes and entertainers, including Serena Williams, Demarcus Ware, TonyDungy, Jim Brown, Common, and actor/comedian Anthony Anderson, to name afew.

  • Project X Saturdays 8 pm ETProject X features the best of classic rock and soul. The show examines how thesetwo genres intertwine and showcases a wide array of artists, such as Aerosmith, theBeatles, Little Richard, and the Rolling Stones.

  • Rankin Chapel Sundays 12 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Wednesdays 6 am ET
    Rankin Chapel features the sermons of notable guest speakers from Howard University’s Historic Rankin Chapel.

  • Real Talk with Ray Baker Mondays 2 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Fridays 8:30 am ET
    Real Talk with Ray Baker provides an Afro-centric take on politics and othercurrent events that impact their lives from the perspectives of young AfricanAmericans.

  • The Sighlent Storm Saturdays 10 am ET
    Rebroadcast Tuesdays 7 am and Thursdays 6 am ET
    Sightlent Storm is an hour-long program that explores the issue of domesticviolence. The show offers insight on the causes of domestic violence and offerssolutions to break the cycle of child, sex, elder, and domestic abuse. MandrellBirks and Denise McCain, who collectively have more than 25 years of experienceworking in the field of domestic violence, are the hosts.

  • Softones Weekdays 12 am ETSoftones features an all-music format of easy listening jazz, R&B and progressivemusic to help ease listeners through the workday. Highlighted artists range from JillScott to Amos Lee.

  • Spoken Word at Joe’s Place Sundays 8 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Wednesdays and Fridays 12 pm ET
    Spoken Word at Joe’s Placebfeatures local, national, and international poets whouse their craft to explore world issues. Joe Gorham, a veteran broadcaster, servesas the host.

  • The Sports Insider Saturdays 3 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Mondays 2:30 pm and Wednesdays 7:30 am ET
    Sports Insider is a weekly sports talk show that features voices and perspectives of the sports insiders including athletes, reporters, executives, and agents. Host Ricky Clemmons will also explore the business of sports and the impact sports have on popular culture in America.

  • The Takeover Saturdays and Sundays 12 am ETDynamic program that features “hip hop with a hint of R&R.” Itexplores the roots of hip hop music while bridging the gap between the genre’sintergenerational fan base. Selected students from WHBC Radio, a campus-based,closed-circuit station, host the program.

  • The Time Tunnel Sundays 6 pm ETThe Time Tunnel is a retro R&B program featuring oldies from the 60s, 70s, andearly 80s, interviews with musicians, and features documenting their artisticjourneys. It is hosted by Carroll Hynson, a Washington, D.C., urban radio legend.

  • The Traveling Eye Saturdays 12 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Tuesdays 12 pm, Wednesdays 11 am, Thursdays 9 am ET
    The Travelling Eye features segments from around the world, information abouttravel bargains and hot destinations, and useful guidance and tips that help listenersavoid common pitfalls so they’ll have a bon voyage. Travel agent Ja’Vonne Harleyand announcer Bonnie DeShong host this interactive program.

  • Urban Heat Fridays 10 am ET
    Rebroadcast Mondays and Wednesdays 10 am ET
    Urban Heat highlights the latest urban hits and includes featured artist interviewsand selected album cuts. Tony Richards is the host.

  • Weekend Review Saturdays 6 pm ETWeekend Review is a musical countdown show featuring the nation’s top-ratedurban hits. Host Bobby Gailes simulates live-performance locations, which helpsthe listeners feel like they’re in a virtual concert hall.

  • Willborn’s World Wednesdays 2:30 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Fridays 2 pm, Saturdays 3:30 pm, Mondays 6:30 am ET
    Hosted by comedienne and radio host George Willborn, the show features a behind the scenes look at some of your favorite celebrities.

  • Diana Broomfield, M.D., MBA, FACOG, FACSDr. Diana Broomfield is the founder and Medical Director of Maryland IVF, a fertility health and wellness center ( Dr. Broomfield is an assistant professor and also the Director of the Residency Training at Howard University Hospital, School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and also serves as the Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Division Director. She is also an assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at George Washington University School of Medicine and adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

  • Mandrell Birks Mandrell Birks has facilitated groups for men who are perpetrators of domestic violence, conducted conflict resolution presentations to elementary schools and created annual forums entitled Let’s Talk About Domestic Violence, an annual Walk Against Domestic Violence. He created the first world-wide domestic violence radio program, “The Sighlent Storm,” in 2007.

  • Marc ClarkeIf there is a camera or microphone around Marc Clarke is probably on it. He’s found success as a top-rated morning radio talent, television host, motivational speaker, actor and comedian – and now with Big Daddy and the Trampoline, a children’s book author.

  • Muriel GarrMuriel Garr is a Vice President and Regional Community Development Manager at a major financial institution, managing the implementation of the strategic direction of the bank’s lending, investment and service initiatives for low-to-moderate income persons and communities. She is the founder of Beyond The Bling, a financial coaching business and has served as a guest on WHUR-FM providing insight on financial matters.

  • Joe Gorham Joe Gorham is a veteran broadcaster of more than 20 years. Most of his many years in radio have been with WHUR 96.3 in one capacity or another – technical producer, radio announcer, producer and music director. This native Washingtonian is proud to represent WHUR 96.3, WHUR-WORLD 96.3 HD2 and HUR-VOICES SIRIUSXM channel 141.

  • Renee Jacqueline NashRenee Jacqueline Nash is the News and Public Affairs Director for WHUR 96.3 FM – Howard University. With over 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry, Renee is a well-respected journalist and broadcaster who has covered a range of issues from local and national politics, to healthcare and welfare reform, to civil and human rights.

  • Peggy A. LewisPeggy A. Lewis is a full-time member of the faculty in the Department of Journalism in the School of Communications at Howard University, teaching Broadcast Journalism. She spent nearly 20 years as a broadcast journalist before embarking on a career in public service which included working for President Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman, and Children’s Defense Fund Founder, Marian Wright Edelman..

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