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April 18, 2014

For one former Stern intern, the creativity of the Stern Show and freedom to do things differently was an inspiration for where her career would take her in later years. SallyAnn Salsano, who interned for Howard in 1994, was recently named one of the Top 25 Reality TV producers by The Hollywood Reporter. Salsano’s production company was the force behind the MTV hit Jersey Shore, and she just sold a portion of her company to FremantleMedia for an estimated $40 million. SallyAnn says the Stern Show taught things she couldn’t learn elsewhere: “It’s OK to have a weird idea. It’s OK to say things that are off color.”

A very scary moment for Stern Show superfan Bobo who feared burglars were trying to steal from his much beloved Howard Shrine. Bobo told Howard 100 News reporter Jon Leiberman what it was like searching around his home for intruders. “I go outside the perimeter. All my lights come on. I see the door’s open. I grab a pipe. Then I see the shrine door’s open.” But Bobo scared himself over nothing it turns out, since no one had broken into the shrine. “The previous day I had to get something out for my kid. When I did close it, it was windy. It blew the door open and tripped the alarm.”

Wackpackers are checking out of the hospital one by one. High Pitch Eric, recovering from a recent back surgery to correct a herniated disc. “It went OK. I was out of it last night. I go for physical therapy next week.” Eric has high hopes that he’ll return in full working order, so he can participate in a charity event. “I’m hoping to do the ALS walk.” Eric the Actor also done with tests his doctor ordered, fearing he may need a heart valve surgery. Eric says he can avoid the knife, for now, but doctors will monitor Eric and ask him to return in six months for more follow up testing.

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