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July 23, 2014

“Seeing Ronnie Mund … reminds me of some of the great cameos of all-time,” says Chicago Sun Times film critic and Stern superfan Richard Roeper. Richard saw an early screening of Ronnie’s acting in the feature film My Man is a Loser, and told Howard 100 News reporter Lisa G., Ronnie playing himself isn’t as easy as it sounds. “It’s very difficult to play yourself. Ronnie knew … how to go with the inner Ronnie. I was very impressed.”

For a recent Stern Show guest, his dream is coming true. Zach, winner of the Nicole Bass Dating Game, went to meet her Tuesday night for dinner. “I have to admit I’m a little nervous. I’m a fan of hers. There’s a little bit of fandom to get over.” Nicole, who was late, picked Zach recently after interviewing three candidates on the Stern Show.” Howard 100 News was on the scene as Zach went to meet Nicole for the date, and we’ll bring you all the behind the scenes.

“Benjy was fine to scream at me, but when King of All Blacks called, he’s good with that,” Mariann exclaimed after calling into the Stern Show to give her advice on Benjy’s failed relationship with ex-girlfriend Elisa. Mariann insists Benjy makes his relationship public by talking about it on air, so she has every right to call in. “You’re putting your business out there." The mother of the Wack Pack, Mariann says she was also treated differently by Benjy than other callers. “I guess he really is a male chauvinist pig. I take big offense to that.” 

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