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SiriusXM Presents: Town Hall with Billy Joel, Hosted by Howard

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April 14, 2014

Stern Show wackpacker Ass Napkin Ed is taking the next step in his relationship with convicted killed Jodi Arias: planning a trip to visit her in prison. “I’m going in the fall. I’m waiting till it gets cooler out there, cause I don’t like the heat,” Ed told Howard 100 News reporter Jon Leiberman. Ed keeping in contact with Arias via postcards and letters, and contemplating a huge next step in their pen pal relationship. “I’m going to ask her if she can get conjugal visits … I might propose marriage.” 

Actor John C. Reilly stopped by the Stern Show Studios late last week during a visit to SiriusXM, and John made no secret about his love of the Stern Show. Speaking to Howard 100 News reporter Shuli, John said it would be a bucket list moment to be interviewed by Howard. “It would be a career highlight to be asked [on the show].” Reilly met the staff off the Stern Show and even previewed phony phone calls that haven’t aired. “It was  really weird to be here and see the ghoulish faces behind the voices.” 

Aspiring DJ Lucas Dell’Abate added another major venue to his performance roster this weekend, after he DJ'd Kids Day for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate told Howard 100 News Lucas had to audition for the gig. “He had to send in a lot of mixes, and they had to be super clean, so he worked on it for a couple of weeks.” Proud father Gary says they’re already talking about inviting Lucas back next year.

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