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Mammary Lane: August 25 - 29

Monday, Aug. 25

06-16-08 - Sal Scammed on Youth Rap Career: Sal tells the story of how he was duped multiple times for over $7,000 by producer who told him he had rap talent.
11-12-90 - Gary’s New Girl & John the Cocksman: Gary dishes about his new girlfriend and blaming farts on her at her parents’ house while John tells stories about hooking up with girls at gigs.
08-03-06 - America’s Next Wack Packer Contest: The Stern Show’s introduction to the all-time great Wack Packer Bigfoot.
04-07-89 - Suzanne Pleschette Calls In: Another one of Billy West’s unforgettable impressions, a wheezy Suzanne calls from her hospital bed.
02-06-04 - Sacramento Station Renamed KHWD: Howard chats with Sacramento board-op Ned, who plays their new KHWD station promos honoring the King of All Media.
02-22-99 - Stone Cold Steve Austin's First Appearance and Mariann from Brooklyn's First Call: The Texas Rattlesnake and The Brooklyn Crow make their first Stern Show appearances in the same hour.
08-22-12 - Bobo’s Treasure Trade: Bobo negotiates with Howard to add more Stern Show memorabilia to his Howard Shrine.
• 07-24-96 - Riley Martin First Call: Stern fans are introduced to Riley Martin who discusses his alien abduction.

Tuesday, Aug. 26

• 03-29-07 - Miss Black Howard Stern Contest: Judges King of all Blacks and author, Bintel, decide a very close contest to crown the newest "Miss Black Howard Stern."
03-19-02 - Smoking Weed with Dominic: Howard recalls getting high with Dominic while staffers rag on him for catering to all of Howards needs.
• 08-31-95 - Gary’s Wedding Video: A very angry Howard Stern learns that Baba Booey’s wedding video is being shown at wedding expos with Howard’s image all over it.
05-06-93 - Brian May: Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer Brian May discusses Freddie Mercury, Queen, and being confused for Howard at MTV in his 1993 interview.
•  04-03-08 - Gary the Retard Goes to the Moon (Garypalooza): Gary goes where no Wack Packer has gone before in celebration of his birthday.
07-14-90 - Kenneth Keith First Appearance on CH9 Show: The world is introduced to “The Missing Link,” Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, who makes a great first impression with Howard Stern by attempting to blow smoke through his eyes.
11-07-95 - Crackhead Bob First Appearance: Bob’s first appearance is mostly spent trying to convince Howard that he doesn’t have CP and that he is that unique solely because of crack.
• 10-06-94 - Scott the Smoking Engineer: A broken air conditioner finds Scott Salem in Howard’s line of fire once again.
09-18-03 - Pissing Gary Off: A bet with Howard goes horribly wrong for Gary when he challenges his Voff that he can’t piss his staff off with one sentence.

Wednesday, Aug. 27

10-29-12 - Gary Is Not Dependable: As Hurricane Sandy approaches New York City, Howard grills the staff on who he can depend on to come in the following day.
05-07-09 - Norm MacDonald in Studio: Norm and Artie trade stories about hanging out with legendary Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker.
10-01-04 - Wendy No Power Voicemail with Howard Commentary: A very aggravated Wendy is going frickin’ nuts and leaves Will Murray a voicemail after a hurricane knocks her power out.
06-25-07 - Mike Morales Goes to Disney Alone: Artie Lange learns that High Pitched Mike Morales went to Disney World alone during Gay Week.
11-05-04 - Richard & The Robospanker: Howard grills new employee Richard Christy about his weekend habits.
• 05-13-02 - KC Serenades the Meat: KC Armstrong has trouble comprehending the word used to season meats.
08-31-10 - Shuli Emmy Interviews and Rabbi on Plane Story: Howard 100 News reporter Shuli Egar tells Howard he caught a Rabbi bashing him in Hebrew on a plane. Lucky for us, Shuli knows Hebrew.
•  08-02-07 - Iron Sheik's First Appearance: WWE Hall of Famer, Iron Sheik makes his Stern Show debut by putting Iron Sheik Jr. in his place.

Thursday, Aug. 28

05-07-01 - Artie Lange Sits in the Jackie Chair: Artie Lange’s first day sitting in on what would become his chair for almost a decade.
03-06-08 - Henry Hill: Stern Show favorite Henry Hill and his girlfriend, Lisa’s, 2008 appearance telling Howard he loves alcohol more than her.
10-14-03 - Vinnie Favale Love Tape and Music: A close second place in the most embarrassing love tapes ever made category, Vinnie Favale shows tapes made to his Debbie.
05-23-12 - HPE Depressed and Sal’s Veneers: Howard rags on Sal the Stockbroker for wasting money on Porcelain veneers and also contacts High Pitch Erik’s mother from the grave.
• 06-23-95 - Grillo Is Gunga Din: Steve Grillo is forced to deliver Howard’s breakfast as Gunga Din.
03-22-04 - Courtney Love Phoner & Studio Interview: Courtney Love delivers one of her best appearances ever after hitching a ride to the studio with the paparazzi.
• 05-05-05 - Gilbert Gottfried & Beetlejuice Good for You: A grumpy Beetlejuice does not care for Gilbert Gottfried or his impressions.
11-16-06 - Artie Prader-Willi Benefit: Artie Lange breaks down one of his greatest road stories of all time in this Stern Show classic.

Friday, Aug. 29

09-23-13 - Metallica in Studio with Live Performances: Metallica finally comes in to Howard's studio to promote their movie "Through the Never," and performs "One," "Nothing Else Matters" and "Enter Sandman."
03-16-00 - Kotex the Caller: A caller with an unfortunate name gets a Stern talking to.
•  05-30-89 - Mike Schmidt Crying Retirement Tape: Howard plays Mike's tape from his surprise retirement and tools on him.  He and Robin agree it might be the best crying tape they've heard.
04-03-13 - Sex With Which Animal Bracket: Richard Christy breaks down one of the more disturbing brackets brought up on the Stern Show.
• 08-03-05 - Johnny Knoxville & Ed Torian: Stern Show favorites Johnny Knoxville and Ed Torian get to the bottom of whether or not Johnny hooked up with Jessica Simpson on the set of "The Dukes of Hazzard."
01-24-07 - Bigfoot & His Band: Bigfoot sings his songs, "White Cadillac," and "It Is,” after telling Howard about becoming a cab driver and selling brown and green "abacco".
• 08-15-97 - Hank in the Box & Fight with Midget Callers: Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf hides in a box to scare pedestrians.

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