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  • Washington Journal Everyday 7am - 10am ET Daily morning call-in program featuring journalists, lawmakers, public policy-makers and authors discussing newspaper articles and the day's events.

  • Washington Today Weekdays 5 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Weekdays 9 pm ET
    A recap of the days of events with interviews and key portions of events

  • Supreme Court Oral Argument Saturdays 6 pm ETCurrent and historical oral arguments from the Supreme Court

  • After Words Fridays 11 pm ETAuthors of the latest nonfiction books interviewed by journalists, public policy makers, and legislators.

  • Newsmakers Sundays 10 am & 6 pm ETC-SPAN's weekly Sunday interview program with the people making news and the journalists who cover them.

  • Sunday Public Affairs Programs Sundays 10:30 am & 6:30 pm ETReplays of the Network Public Affairs programs.

  • Q & A Sundays 8 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Sunday 11 pm ET
    Every Sunday night on Q&A, we introduce you to interesting people who are making things happen in politics, the media, education, and science & technology in hour-long conversations about their lives and their work.

  • British House of Commons Question Time Sundays 9 pm ETBritish Prime Minister David Cameron answers his weekly set of questions from the members of the House of Commons.

  • Book TV Saturdays 11 pm ETC-Span's Book TV reviews top nonfiction authors and books

  • Sunday Show Roundtables Mondays 6 am ETHear excerpts from the Network Sunday Public Affairs programs

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