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  • Café CNN Weekdays 6 am - 9 am ETCafé CNN is a fast-paced morning news magazine show designed to inform and entertain. It’s a gathering place for the morning’s top headlines, served up with engaging “news you can use” including weather, health updates, arts, culture and human interest stories.
    Café CNN puts viewers at the center of the conversation!

  • NotiMujer Weekdays 12 pm ETWomen today are looking for news programming that is as complete, complex and ever-changing as they are. Co-hosted by Glenda Umaña and Mercedes Soler, NotiMujer explores everything from career and financial management and family issues to health, home décor, fashion and how to live every day to the fullest.

  • Showbiz Live Weekdays 3 pm ETCo-hosted by Juan Carlos Arciniegas from star-studded Los Angeles and by Mariela Encarnación from “Latino Hollywood” in Miami, Showbiz reports and debates the biggest, most talked about and most controversial celebrity entertainment news stories of the day. We will also engage viewers with a revealing look at trending topics.

  • Nuestro Mundo Weekdays 4 pm ET Check in at mid-day to check out what stories are making news and potentially impact your life. Presented by Patricia Janiot, this fast-pasted newscast delivers a look at all the developments that informed viewers need to know.

  • Encuentro Weekdays 5 pm ETHosted by Claudia Palacios, Encuentro provides an in-depth look at the issues that affect Latin America and an encounter with the rich traditions, people and culture that make this the region of the future.

  • Directo USA con Juan Carlos Lopez Weekdays 6 pm ETDirecto USA is your direct connection to the key news events concerning the United States. Hosted by Juan Carlos Lopez from the center of political power in Washington, DC, Directo USA covers the headlines generating the most interest in the U.S., with in-depth interviews and analysis on how they will affect viewers throughout the Americas.

  • Panorama Mundial Weekdays 7 pm ETGlobal news is front and center in this newscast, which serves as a window on the world for viewers throughout the Americas. Presented by powerhouse veteran journalists Patricia Janiot and Fernando del Rincon, Panorama Mundial draws on CNN en Español’s international network of correspondents, and the worldwide resources of CNN.

  • CNN Dinero Weekdays 8 pm ETCNN Dinero delivers the fast-paced global business world in a simple, intelligent, knowledgeable fashion. It is an everyday guide for viewers on money issues from managing personal and household budgets to investing in the markets or running a company. It is a water cooler discussion that provides a smart vision to help make the right financial decisions.

  • Cala Weekdays 9 pm ETWhat happens when CNN’s Ismael Cala sits down with the region’s most powerful and provocative newsmakers? People start talking! Cala is engaging and entertaining, and he’s going to be posing all the questions you’d want to ask!

  • Conclusiones Weekdays 10 pm ETContextualize and go in-depth with Conclusiones. This evening newscast monitors the key events of the day, combining in-depth analysis with the most compelling news of the day, summarizing the most important global and regional headlines. We help you evaluate the impact of the day’s news.

  • Deportes CNN Live Weekdays 10:30 pm ETAnchored by Diego Bustos, Deportes CNN covers all the action and excitement of the region’s most popular sports, including the latest highlights, scores and stories, along with hard-hitting interviews with athletes, coaches and analysts.

  • Aristegui Weekdays 11 pm ETCarmen Aristegui hosts Mexico’s most influential and interesting personalities for a thought-provoking discussion of topical issues and current events making news across the country. Aristegui showcases the personalities behind the headlines as they share their views -- in their own words -- on the stories, issues and trends affecting Mexico. Airs in the U.S. and Mexico only

  • Sanjay Gupta MD See schedule for air timesAnchor and practicing neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta combines his medical expertise and skills as a journalist to bring a uniquely informed perspective on health. The show Features a weekly "Colorful Conversation" with the most fascinating health newsmakers for this dynamic medical affairs program.

  • Patricia JaniotPatricia Janiot is a senior anchor for CNN en Español and serves as the advisor to the executive vice president and general manager of the network. Janiot joined CNN in 1992 and presents Noticiero CNN Internacional con Patricia Janiot, the day's most important headlines and stock market activity; Las Noticias con Jorge Gestoso and Patricia Janiot, a dynamic and comprehensive review of world events; and Noticias Mexico, dedicated to covering important local, national and international events of special significance to Mexican viewers. In addition, Janiot contributes a weekly column to CNN en Español RADIO, CNN's Spanish-language radio news service.

  • Juan Carlos ArciniegasJuan Carlos Arciniegas is the anchor and movie critic for Ojo Crítico, a weekly half-hour program that reviews the latest smash hits and box office bombs from the world of cinema. He is also a producer and correspondent for Escenario, CNN en Español's half-hour news show dedicated to covering the latest in the world of entertainment.

  • Claudia PalaciosClaudia Palacios is a CNN en Español news anchor and presents Mirador Mundial, the network's weekend newscast.
    Palacios joined CNN en Español in 2004 from Caracol News in Bogotá, Colombia, where she had worked as an anchor and health editor since 1998. She began her journalism career at Telepacífico in Colombia, where she reported on the environment for Dagma, a weekly program produced by the University of the Valley UVTV, among other projects. Palacios later joined the CM& newscast where she covered a variety of important events including several official Presidential trips, union marches, student protests and congressional sessions.

  • Alberto Padilla For 12 years Alberto Padilla has been the financial and business news anchor for CNN en Español, and runs the "Economía y Finanzas" newscast, the only daily TV financial news show in Spanish in Latin America.
    Padilla has regularly interviewed the most influential business leaders, such as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Donald Trump; and the presidents and CEO’s of many of the Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems among many others, as well as the top business leaders, Presidents and Finance Ministers of virtually all Latin American nations and Spain

  • Juan Carlos LópezJuan Carlos López is the correspondent for CNN en Español in Washington D.C. He has collaborated as a reporter for CNN since 1993.
    Since joining CNN en Español full time in 2000, López has covered important stories including the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, the Elian González custody dispute between Cuba and the United States, the FBI's eviction of protesters from the U.S. weapons depot on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico and the United Nation's Millennium Summit. He also reported from George W. Bush's campaign headquarters in Austin, Texas during the night of the historical 2000 U.S. presidential elections and covered the controversial and prolonged vote recount from Florida.

  • Carlos MonteroCarlos Montero is a news anchor for CNN en Español and is the weekday presenter of Al Día, the first look at the day's developing stories. He joined CNN en Español in 1997.
    Montero has covered events including the 1997 hostage crisis in Peru, the World Trade Center bombing, the signing of the Israel/Palestine agreement in Washington, D.C., the coup d'etat in Guatemala, the Inter-American Presidential Summit in Miami and the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. From Atlanta, he has anchored coverage of important events of international interest including the death of Princess Diana, the controversial U.S. presidential election of 2000 and the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. Most recently, he anchored live breaking news coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

  • Glenda Umaña Glenda Umaña is an anchor for CNN en Español. She presents Nuestro Mundo global news as it happens, where it happens, from Monday through Friday.
    On Mirador Mundial, Umaña has anchored live coverage from Atlanta of the war on terrorism, the allied military offensive in Iraq, Pope John Paul II’s visit to Cuba, the resignation of Paraguayan President Raul Cubas, the Clinton Impeachment trial and presidential elections in Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, United States and Venezuela. She has also interviewed Latin American leaders such as Vicente Fox and Hugo Chavez, as well as Nobel Prize laureates Oscar Arias and Rigoberta Menchu.

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