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Get ready to take the greatest variety of music, sports, and talk for a ride. Enjoy it all with your Platinum trial subscription, on the most advanced entertainment experience to hit the road—SiriusXM with 360L.

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Amazing Content The latest and greatest from artists and celebs you love

Inside Your Vehicle Your SiriusXM with 360L experience gives you more than ever

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Listen on demand in the vehicle

Access a wealth of recorded shows, interviews, and events from our ever-growing, exclusive On Demand library—and hear more of what you want when you want it.
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Get personalized recommendations

Search less and enjoy more! Simply tap “For You” to see channels and On Demand content based on your listening history and SiriusXM Favorites. 
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Live Sports Category

All NFL, NBA®, NHL®, college football and basketball games - in pregame, progress or final states - are in one location so you can get to all the action when you need to hear it.
Related Content screen for 360L

Easily discover new favorites

Like what you’re hearing? Tap “Related” to find other channels and shows that feature programming similar to what you’re tuned in to at any given moment.
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Easy-to-see channel information

Swipe quickly through the entire channel lineup, then tune to a channel with just a touch.
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Personalization like never before

Create up to 5 user profiles—so every listener has their SiriusXM Favorites and personalized recommendations just a touch away.

OUTSIDE YOUR VEHICLE Listen on the go or at home — it’s all part of your trial subscription.

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So many ways to listen

With the app and your supported smart devices, you can enjoy SiriusXM at home, at the gym, or in the office. It’s never been easier to tune in to the entertainment you love anywhere you are.

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Exclusive SiriusXM video of in-studio performances, groundbreaking interviews, and celebrity hosts, including Howard Stern. Not available on all devices.

Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora to create ad-free stations inspired by artists you’re into. Not available on all devices.

100+ Xtra channels of curated, ad-free music for any mood, occasion, or activity to play even more variety on the go or at home. Not available on all devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my trial subscription automatically renew? 

No. Your Platinum trial is just a trial—it’s yours to enjoy for the duration but will automatically stop at the end of your trial period (if you have not yet purchased a subscription plan to continue service following the trial’s end date). Of course, we hope you’ll love your trial subscription so much that you’ll sign up beforehand to ensure uninterrupted service.
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How do I find my SiriusXM Radio ID?

Every SiriusXM radio has an identification number that is used to register radios and set up accounts. To view your Radio ID, simply navigate to Channel 0 on your SiriusXM radio. You can also find your Radio ID by tapping the Profile button on the main screen, then tapping the Help and Support button.

How do I refresh my radio signal?

If your trial subscription is not yet active, or if you're not receiving all the channels you should be getting, your radio may need a refresh signal. You can have one sent in just a few moments! Have your Radio ID or VIN handy, then send a refresh signal.

What does creating a listener profile do for me?

You can create up to five listener profiles. This allows the driver, the co-pilot, and even backseat drivers to set up their own unique listening experience. Each profile gets its own SiriusXM Favorites, personalized recommendations, listening history, and more. To set up a listener profile, tap the “Profile” icon from your Home Screen then tap “Create Listener.” Choose your avatar and add the name you want for your profile.

How do I save my SiriusXM Favorites in my vehicle?

Saving channels (including ones for your favorite sports team) and On Demand content as Favorites gives you quicker access to the content you love. To save a Favorite, tune to a channel or show then short-press the channel artwork. To access your Favorites, tap the “Profile” icon, and tap the SiriusXM Favorites tab.

How do I find SiriusXM On Demand content in my vehicle?

You can enjoy thousands of hours of past shows, performances, and interviews right in your vehicle, so you never have to miss a moment of your favorite celebs or artists! To find On Demand content, simply tap the Related button on your SiriusXM Home Screen and select the On Demand tab. You can also go to the For You screen to see On Demand content recommended just for you based on your listening preferences.