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If you need assistance with your Music for Business service, please reach our Customer Care at 1-866-345-7474 or contact us here. You can also contact your respective reseller directly.

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SiriusXM helps your business connect with customers and build brand loyalty, starting at $24.95 per month. See Offer Details below.

While other commercial music services require multi-year commitments, we offer the flexibility to stop the service without penalty.

We have over 100 expertly programmed commercial-free music channels.

We save you time and money by paying all royalty fees including ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

Our hardware solutions are easy to install and setup takes only a few minutes.

We offer customer in-store messaging & service management through a remote online portal.

The Sound of Success

With over 100 business-friendly channels, 30+ channels that are free of DJ chatter and commercials, as well as music spanning over a dozen genres, there is something for every restaurant, office, and retail outlet. Choose SiriusXM Music for Business, and let our music work (and rock) for you.

Easy Ways to Listen

You have a choice of accessing SiriusXM for Business via our Streaming or Satellite service. Choose the one that is right for your business.

Streaming Service

Using your high-speed internet connection, these streaming radio solutions offer you access to over 100+ commercial-free music channels - including 30 with no DJ interruptions, so your customers hear nothing but music

SiriusXM GDI-SXBR2 Player

SiriusXM GDI-SXBR2 Music for Business Streaming Radio

  • Easy set-up for your business or office
  • 1 to 10 channel presets for easy tuning
  • Color-screen display showcases album art

Simply connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, power up, enter your subscription credentials, and start enjoying your music!

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BrightSign SXM-DM-3 Streaming Music Player

  • Supports Ethernet IP connection for streaming our service
  • Upload and schedule custom overlay messages
  • On hold music and messaging
  • Centrally control groups of radios via the web
  • Separate audio outputs support two zones of music with independent scheduling and overlays
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SiriusXM Music for Business App

  • Stream via a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • No hardware purchase required
  • Fully licensed business music
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Sonos SiriusXM Music for Business

  • Full Control with the Sonos App
  • Wireless Speakers for Your Business
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Satellite Service

Don't have access to a high-speed internet connection? Our satellite service is available in the 48 contiguous states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. It's easy to install and can be used almost anywhere. You will receive our programming on over 70 commercial free music channels.


Onyx Radio


Home Dock & Play Radio

  • Easy-to-read display
  • Browse what's playing on other channels while listening to the current one
  • Store up to 20 presets
  • Easily lock and unlock channels with mature content
  • Optional professional installation is available through our authorized partners

Call to purchase.

Restaurants, Bars & Breweries

With a Side of Foot-Tapping

There are five senses. And you use all of them when you're enjoying a night out. The music you choose can set the soundtrack for a mouthwatering meal or even just a conversational cocktail.

SiriusXM Rock Bar SiriusXM Classic Vinyl SiriusXM Red White & Booze
SiriusXM Rock Bar
SiriusXM Classic Vinyl
SiriusXM Red White & Booze

Listen to a sample of Classic Vinyl

Retail & Convenience Stores

They Shop and They Won't Drop

Shopping can be an errand or it can be an escape. In either case, the right music can be the difference between window shopping and making a sale.

SiriusXM Hits 1 SiriusXM Pop2K SiriusXM Seasonal and Holiday
SiriusXM Hits 1
SiriusXM Pop2K
SiriusXM Seasonal and Holiday

Listen to a sample of POP2K


Freshen Up Finance

Invest in your bank environment with music that will improve employee mood and productivity. Plus the background music sound-masking of SiriusXM music will help keep customer conversations private as well as entertain them during busy periods, helping reduce perceived wait times.

SiriusXM The Coffeehouse SiriusXM Symphony Hall SiriusXM The Pulse
SiriusXM The Coffeehouse
SiriusXM Symphony Hall
SiriusXM The Pulse

Listen to a sample of The Pulse


Say “ahhhh-some”

Extend your bedside manner out to the waiting room. Play music that puts your patients at ease and makes being in your office more okay and less 'oh no'.

SiriusXM The Blend SiriusXM Elevations SiriusXM Smooth Jazz
SiriusXM The Blend
SiriusXM Elevations
SiriusXM Smooth Jazz

Listen to a sample of The Blend

Spa & Fitness

No Pain, No Gain, No Problem

Getting fit and staying healthy is important to a lot of people. The music you play has as much to do with pushing out one more set or going for five more minutes on the treadmill as anything else does. Or relax with soothing sounds that quiet the mind.

SiriusXM BPM SiriusXM Spa SiriusXM Yoga
SiriusXM BPM
SiriusXM Spa
SiriusXM Yoga

Listen to a sample of BPM

On Hold Music

Hang Up On Your Old Music

No one loves to be on hold. But it can be so much better when you hear something that makes you smile. And it can make you feel a lot better about who you're waiting for.

SiriusXM Eighties on Eight SiriusXM The Bridge SiriusXM Elevations
SiriusXM Eighties on Eight
SiriusXM The Bridge
SiriusXM Elevations

Listen to a sample of The Bridge

Franchise Music Solutions

Franchise the Perfect Groove

Creating a consistent, musical experience for your franchises helps your customers get to know, understand and love your brand. With SiriusXM Music for Business, enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enterprise Management (centrally control a group of players via web portal)
  • Custom Music & Messaging ("branded radio")
  • Sound System Packages & Installation
  • Restricted Employee Access to Radio Features and/or Channels
  • Custom Website for Ordering Program Products and Services
  • Consistent, Competitive National Account Pricing

Note: Features may vary by radio and subscription package.

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