Vote for your favorite U2 songs from 2000-2022 & hear the results on U2 X-Radio

Find your rhyme and vote for your favorite U2 songs since 2000 and hear them counted down in order in celebration of NYE.

Jackie Kolgraf
December 7, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, U2 X-Radio (Ch. 32) is revisiting your favorite music made by U2 over the last 20 years — from the explosive track “Elevation” from the 2000s to their newest release off of the Sing 2 soundtrack, “Your Song Saved My Life.”

Directions: Vote for your favorite songs from 2000 to 2022 in the poll below, and then hear the winning songs counted down in order on U2 X-Radio. The countdown premieres on December 26 at 11am ET, plus replays at the times below.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET):

December 26 at 11am (premiere) and 10pm

December 27 at 1pm

December 28 at 8am

December 29 at 12am

December 30 at 2pm

December 31 at 2am and 8pm

January 1 at 10am

January 2 at 4am and 10pm