SiriusXM unveils ‘Dial Up the Moment’ campaign & gives inside look at one-of-a-kind moments happening every day in studio

SiriusXM launches “Moments” Hotline to deliver unforgettable moments to callers directly from SiriusXM hosts Andy Cohen, Jenny McCarthy, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Nikki Glaser, Michelle Collins, the Hits1 Morning Mash Up & more.

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November 14, 2019

SiriusXM announced the launch of “Dial Up the Moment,” a month-long experiential program with pop-up performances from some of today’s hottest musicians and the ability for anyone to discover the incredible moments happening every day at its New York City, Nashville, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles studios. One-of-a-kind moments happen on SiriusXM daily and “Dial Up the Moment” brings those to an even broader audience, allowing anyone to engage with SiriusXM directly.

As part of the experiential program, SiriusXM is unveiling the “Moments” Hotline, an interactive phone experience that provides an exciting way for everyone to explore and connect with moments, channels and hosts to match their passions. Whether someone is a fan of music, comedy, sports or entertainment, they will have the opportunity to dial in to SiriusXM directly, hear snippets from iconic channels and hosts, and generate access to incredible experiences of their own.

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SiriusXM will also bring surprising and exciting moments to the streets of select cities throughout the coming month with performances from John Legend, Jason Aldean and others. These performances are expected to provide unique and unexpected moments, the same kinds of moments that subscribers can experience every day with SiriusXM. The exact time and location of the performances are expected to be released shortly before each event.

“Whether it be discovering a new song and sharing it with your friends or cheering with millions of fans for your team, the moments that live within our content are a fundamental part of SiriusXM’s DNA and unlike any other experience out there. We’re excited to bring these moments to an even wider audience,” said Denise Karkos, Chief Marketing Officer at SiriusXM.

“Dial Up the Moment” and the Hotline were unveiled last night in New York City with a special performance from Charlie Puth and surprise appearances from SiriusXM hosts Jenny McCarthy, Michelle Collins, and the hosts of the SiriusXM Hits1 Morning Mash Up.

By dialing (1-844-SXM-MOMENT) audiences will be immersed in surprise conversations with celebrity hosts, including Andy Cohen, Jenny McCarthy, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Nikki Glaser and the Morning Mash Up, and flashback soundbites from classic SiriusXM moments that give a glimpse of what happens on specific channels. The Hotline Experience will also help audiences discover SiriusXM channels.

For one month, anyone can leverage the SiriusXM “Moments” Hotline Experience to step into the world of SiriusXM and join the SiriusXM family in discovering incredible new content.

For more information visit:, dial 1-844-SXM-MOMENT.