Conor McGregor Cautions Young Athletes Against Aspiring to Be ‘YouTuber Fighters’

“Doing these little smash-and-grab fights, you might get a few likes, but there’s nothing substantial to it,” Conor said.

Jackie Kolgraf
April 11, 2024

UFC Champion Conor McGregor opened up about how he feels Jake Paul influences young athletes in combat sports during a new episode of SiriusXM’s exclusive show “This Life of Mine with James Corden.”

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Conor McGregor on Jake Paul

With Mike Tyson and Jake Paul slated to fight in an exhibition boxing match this July, Conor told James that his own fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2017 “kickstarted” these types of crossover events. But even though people like Jake Paul attract large audiences, Conor doesn’t approve of young fighters valuing social media attention over winning titles.

“For me, it does set a bad precedent in the industry,” Conor explained, “because what you’ve got now is — and I would say this to the young athletes coming up, men and women: Don’t aspire to be one of these YouTuber fighters. Aspire for world titles. Aspire for [the Olympics] … That is how you etch your name in history.”

He continued, “Doing these little smash-and-grab fights, you might get a few likes, but there’s nothing substantial to it. It’s hollow. It can be profitable, but it’s hollow. And I’m noticing a trend in young fighters coming up that are not even interested in competing in the amateur scene or rising up to win a national title … You need the gold on the waist. You need to etch your name on the belt.”

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