Rams Coach Sean McVay Is Optimistic About the Upcoming Season

The Super Bowl-winning coach discussed the lessons he learned from last season and more.

Matthew Fanizza
June 14, 2023

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay recently joined Adam Schein on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio to discuss his enjoyment of coaching, the lessons learned from the previous season, and the team’s key players returning from injury.

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Positive Outlook:

When asked about his enjoyment of coaching and the energy he brings to the team, Sean McVay expressed his genuine enthusiasm. The Super Bowl-winning coach attributed his positive mindset to the people he works with, including both the young and veteran players. McVay emphasized the importance of perspective and self-awareness, acknowledging that success can sometimes cause a loss of core values. However, being surrounded by great coaches and motivated players ignites his energy and commitment to doing right by them.

“Well, I’m glad you checked out the press conference [on June 13] and that came through Adam because you are exactly right. All those things are 100% true and it’s really because of the people that I’m around.” McVay continued, “I’m really excited about just attacking it every single day. It’s been a really good offseason.”

Reflecting on the previous season, McVay emphasized the value of growth through adversity. He highlighted the significance of maintaining awareness and focusing on the aspects that can be controlled. McVay acknowledged his responsibility as a leader to elevate those around him and emphasized the need for self-reflection and honest evaluation.

“Yeah, I think what you learn is that when you go through it, you can grow through it. If you have the right perspective, it’s all about [the] people. I think in the midst of a lot of the adversity that we face, some of which we can control, some of which we can’t… how can you influence it in a positive way?”

Matthew Stafford: 

McVay expressed his excitement about the team’s potential and the return of quarterback Matthew Stafford. Despite facing injuries in the previous season, Stafford’s resilience and competitive spirit are highly regarded by McVay. Additionally, McVay praised the enthusiasm of the young players eager to prove themselves, as well as the veteran players who continue to inspire and elevate those around them.

“[Matthew Stafford is] in a great place… He’s enthused, he’s re-energized… We’ve got a lot of young guys that are eager to be able to show what they can do on the field… We’re excited about just being in the moment and getting back to enjoying the stuff again.”

Cam Akers:

The discussion shifted to running back Cam Akers, whose journey has been marked by injuries and a remarkable comeback. McVay praised Akers’ character, mental toughness, and resilience. He acknowledged Akers’ outstanding performance in the latter part of the previous season and expressed confidence in his continued growth and impact on the team.

“He responded the right way and he’s really capitalized on a lot of the momentum that he built up towards the latter part of the year. He’s going to be a huge part of what we’re doing moving forward.”

Cooper Kupp:

McVay continued by highlighting the importance of wide receiver Cooper Kupp‘s return to full health. Kupp’s value extends beyond his on-field contributions, as he also serves as a leader and elevates those around him. McVay emphasized the need for a collective effort and development of other players in the offense to complement Kupp’s skills.

“Cooper [Kupp] has always been a really special productive player, ultra conscientious, similar to what we’ve talked about with these other guys, Adam, [He] just elevates people around him. McVay continued, “He’s a tremendous value to our football team as a leader, you know, first and foremost as a person and then he’s obviously a great player that’s not only productive with the ball in his hands, but he does a lot of special stuff without the ball in his hands.”

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