Enter for Your Chance to Guest DJ on Pearl Jam Radio’s ‘Wishlist’ Show

If you’ve ever dreamed of being Guest DJ for a day on Pearl Jam Radio, we’ve got your chance.

Jackie Kolgraf
December 16, 2022

Ever dreamed of Guest DJing on the band’s very own SiriusXM channel, Pearl Jam Radio (Ch. 22)? We’ve got your chance! Here’s how to submit your entry to be an official fan Guest DJ on the Pearl Jam Radio show Wishlist.

Send an email to pjradio@siriusxm.com and include the five Pearl Jam songs you want to play. Songs must be studio releases or live tracks from official bootlegs. If you’re selected, we’ll email you back with further instructions.

Tune in weekly to hear new Wishlist episodes.

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Wishlist Broadcast Schedule (all times ET):

Tuesdays at 6pm (premiere)

Thursdays at 11am (replay)

Sundays at 12pm (replay)