Pandora to showcase Howard Stern’s top interviews from 2019 in new podcast series

‘Howard Stern: 19 from 2019’ will feature fascinating, amusing stories curated into podcasts and drawn from Stern’s interviews with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine, and more!

Matt Simeone
December 16, 2019

SiriusXM, Pandora and Howard Stern announced that Howard Stern: 19 from 2019 — a curated showcase of selections from The Howard Stern Show’s unparalleled, world-class interviews — will be available as a podcast series on Pandora, the most popular audio streaming App in the U.S.

Howard Stern: 19 from 2019 will feature fascinating, surprising, and often amusing stories curated into podcasts and drawn from Howard Stern’s deep interviews with top-level celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Russell Crowe, Robert Downey Jr., and Kristen Stewart; musicians including The Black Crowes, Def Leppard, Billie Eilish, and Adam Levine; comedians including Jimmy Kimmel, Tracy Morgan, Seth Rogen, and Adam Sandler; and newsmakers such as Hillary Clinton.

Howard Stern, exclusively on SiriusXM since 2006, has never been bigger. His skill as a remarkably thoughtful, curious, conversational, trusted interviewer has attracted A-list celebrities for lengthy on-air discussions that regularly earn Howard high praise, extensive news coverage, and frequent acclaim as “the best interviewer in the business.”

Howard Stern joined SiriusXM 14 years ago after decades of local and syndicated terrestrial radio dominance, for the freedom from censorship and the freedom to do interviews the way he had always dreamed. Howard Stern’s two 24/7 channels on SiriusXM and robust content on the SiriusXM app feature his radio show’s interviews, his edgy comedy, entertaining conversations with his longtime team, curated selections from his extensive archives, and the recently launched “Howard Stern Video,” which includes video versions of every full interview. This year, Howard Stern released a critically acclaimed #1 best-selling book, Howard Stern Comes Again, featuring stories from a career’s worth of interviews from his radio show. Howard Stern: 19 from 2019 is available for the first time on the recently redesigned Pandora app.

On SiriusXM, Howard Stern’s Howard 100 (Ch. 100) will feature “Best of 2019 – The Interviews,” and Howard 101 (Ch. 101) will feature “Best of 2019 – Everything Else,” from December 23 through January 5. Full video of every 2019 interview will also be showcased on the SiriusXM app.