SiriusXM presents opening night of the Black Crowes’ ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ tour

Hear a broadcast of the tour’s first show in its entirety, featuring all the songs from the band’s debut album on its 30th anniversary.

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July 26, 2021

The Black Crowes burst onto the rock scene in 1990 with their seminal album Shake Your Money Maker, powered by the chart-topping singles “Hard to Handle” and “She Talks to Angels.” Now, the band is going on the road to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary and you can hear the first show on their world tour via Classic Rewind (Ch. 25).

You can now stream SiriusXM Presents the Black Crowes ‘Shake Your Money Maker’: Captured Live in Nashville, a broadcast of the kickoff concert including every track on the album plus the band’s other hits, anytime on the SXM App.

The band, led by brothers Chris and Rich Robinson, skyrocketed to fame with their distinctive blues-rock sound at a time when pop-tinged rock and metal were dominating the genre. Now that the powerhouse duo is back together, you won’t want to miss their epic reunion tour in celebration of the album that started it all.

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