Hear Kelly Clarkson’s brand-new song & other iconic pop hits during her guest DJ session

Don’t miss the special takeover featuring Clarkson’s new single, “I Dare You,” on The Pulse (Ch. 15).

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April 15, 2020

It’s impossible to reflect on pop music in the 2010s without mentioning Kelly Clarkson, and she’s continuing to release the catchy, relatable hits we all know and love in the new decade. To celebrate her latest single, “I Dare You,” Clarkson will play the new song during her guest DJ hour on The Pulse (Ch. 15) today, April 17 at 8pm ET.

The last decade was unarguably a solid era for pop music, but Clarkson’s influence goes back even further (her big American Idol win comes to mind…). As the three-time GRAMMY Award winner takes over The Pulse, she’ll be paying tribute to the evolving world of pop music by introducing some of the top hits from 2010 to today. And “today” is no exaggeration — Clarkson will also play “I Dare You” on the same day that it’s released to the world.

After the special guest DJ session premieres, listeners can hear it again at 2am and 9am ET on Saturday, April 18; and 6pm ET on Sunday, April 19. Both SiriusXM subscribers and non-subscribers can hear this takeover as part of the recently announced free streaming access period through May 15 (more information here: SiriusXM.com/streamfree).