Listen to important conversations on mental health & wellness across SiriusXM channels

SiriusXM hosts and guests across comedy, fitness, music, medicine, podcasts, and more will be addressing mental health stigma all May long.

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May 14, 2021

After a tumultuous 2020, taking care of one’s mental health is more important than ever. During Mental Health Awareness Month, SiriusXM channels will be hosting essential discussions and specials focusing on eradicating the stigma surrounding mental wellness, the importance of asking for help, tips for self-care, and more.

While mental wellness often requires a multifaceted approach, it’s never a bad idea to get some endorphins flowing. SoulCycle Radio (Ch. 4) is putting an added focus on mental wellness during a special episode of Self-Care Sundays. In the latest special, Senior SoulCycle Instructor Cher Motta was joined by SiriusXM Stars host Jenny Hutt to discuss mind-altering fitness and movement as a form of self-care.

Throughout May, Doctor Radio (Ch. 110) will continue its mission to focus on medical equity for communities of color, including the special mental health needs and circumstances that require different approaches. The channel will also focus on the complex relationship between heart health and mental health, the pandemic’s toll on healthcare workers, children’s stress and the impacts of corporal punishment, and the intersection of menopause and mental health symptoms. All month long, hear Doctor Radio’s experts weigh in on the various ways that mental illness impacts us all and invaluable suggestions for coping, culminating in a comprehensive marathon of specials.


Some say that laughter is the best medicine, and comedians have historically been candid about mental health struggles in their material. To bring this duality to light, Raw Dog Comedy (Ch. 99) will host a special Mental Health Awareness Weekend featuring Ron Bennington’s interview with Gary Gulman, as well as Gulman’s album, The Great Depresh — a frank stand-up routine providing insight into his mental health journey — from May 22 at 2pm ET until May 23 at 10pm ET. Listeners can also enjoy stand-up blocks focusing on mental health throughout the month.

In a sea of mental-health-related podcasts, it can be hard to know which one best suits your needs. This May, Pandora is promoting multiple podcasts aimed at having invaluable conversations about mental health, as well as offering tips on feeling your best. This includes podcasts with celebrity hosts like The Big Bang Theory‘s Miyam Bialik, professional psychiatrists, yoga instructors, and more.

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