Game of Thrones: Which SiriusXM channel is the musical match for your favorite Westerosi House?

We’re making our way from the North to the South of Westeros with a playlist for each of our favorite Westerosi Houses, created by the channel that matches them musically.

Caitlin Carter
July 11, 2017

It might be July, but for Game of Thrones fans, winter is coming in just a few days. The Houses of Westeros have been battling for the Iron Throne for six seasons, and on Sunday when Season 7 premieres, we’ll be one episode closer to discovering the kingdom’s rightful heir.

Although many questions remain – like “Where is Daenerys’ armada heading?” or “Will Jaime finally kill Cersei after all she has done?” – we had our own (very important) question that needed answering: What would everyone be listening to if they had access to modern music?

We’re making our way from the North to the South of Westeros with a playlist for each of our favorite Westerosi Houses, created by the channel that matches them musically.

Game of Thrones: Season 7 premieres Sunday, July 16 at 9 pm ET on HBO.

The Free Folk (aka the Wildlings) would be listening to Outlaw Country (Ch. 60)

The Free Folk are a group that lives “beyond The Wall.” They do not pledge allegiance to any nobility; but rather, they make their own laws. Much like these Wildlings, the artists of Outlaw Country emerged as a response to the clean-cut image of mainstream country. We’d like to think that Outlaw Country has the kind of shit-kicking, rabble-rousing, authority-flouting tunes that would keep the descendants of the First Men warm in their frozen homeland. Mance Rayder and Rattleshirt even sound like they would be outlaw country stars!

Don’t agree? Then like Jon Snow, “You know nothing.”

The Free Folk’s playlist features songs like All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight (Hank Williams, Jr.), The King is Gone (George Jones), You Can Have The Crown (Sturgill Simpson), I’ve Always Been Crazy (Waylon Jennings) and many more bird-flipping favorites. This playlist does not kneel.

Listen to the playlist On Demand HERE.

The Night’s Watch would be listening to The Emo Project (Ch. 713)

Castle Black is home to our favorite lone wolf, Jon Snow. He and the rest of the Night’s Watch spend their days dressed in black, feeling misunderstood by their families, lamenting their non-existent love lives, contemplating their monotonous landscape and being bullied by the White Walkers. Some members of the Night’s Watch have been sent north as punishment or exile from their noble families. What better channel to soundtrack their angst than The Emo Project? Those who have “taken the black” and vowed to be the “sword in the darkness” are already speaking the language of this purposefully dark, emotional genre.

The Night’s Watch’s playlist features songs like Love Like Winter (AFI), Anthem of Our Dying Day (Story of the Year), The Ghost of You (My Chemical Romance), Mercy Me (Alkaline Trio) and many more emo favorites. We can almost imagine Jon Snow uttering the phrase, Welcome to the Black Parade.


House Stark would be listening to The Spectrum (Ch. 18)

The Starks made the phrase, “Winter Is Coming,” a thing. These Northerners are one of the oldest lines of Westerosi nobility with a lineage that goes back more than 8,000 years. Like the Starks, the artists on The Spectrum have stood the test of time and upheld the honor of rock ‘n’ roll throughout the ages. Many veterans of the genre, like Tom Petty and U2, continue to fight the good rock ‘n’ roll fight with consistently sold-out anniversary tours, while the new generation, like Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys, add to the genre with their own unique sounds as they draw upon the influence of those who came before. Like the Starks —whose children have proven to be stronger, smarter and more resilient than expected— their legacy is here to stay.

The House Stark playlist features songs like Don’t Do Me Like That (Tom Petty), Daughter (Pearl Jam), Don’t Wanna Fight (Alabama Shakes), Get Back (The Beatles), Gold On The Ceiling (The Black Keys), Take Me To The River (Talking Heads) and many more tunes that would make a direwolf howl. These songs are the perfect match for the family that won’t go down without a fight.


House Greyjoy would be listening to Liquid Metal (Ch. 40)

The Iron Islands, ruled by House Greyjoy, are found off the west coast of Westeros. Their house has long sought to be independent of the Iron Throne. Their motto, We Do Not Sow, means they’d rather survive by raiding their neighbors’ lands than take up boring farm life. Like House Greyjoy, the artists on Liquid Metal are ruthless in their pursuit of heavy music. They’ve taken up their “axes” to prove through music that “What is dead may never die.” If you’re made of pure metal, you must be ironborn, right?

The House Greyjoy playlist features songs like Throne (Bring Me The Horizon), Game Over (Machine Head), Die By The Sword (Slayer), Kill The King (Megadeth), A Warrior’s Call (Volbeat), Dead Bodies Everywhere (KoRn), Coming For The Throne (Otherwise), and tons of other fantastical, gory metal tracks. These songs would get a group of sailors through the hardest storms.


House Targaryen would be listening to The Heat (Ch. 46)

Although they’ve been living in exile for years, House Targaryen’s return to The Iron Throne is almost palpable. Thanks to Daenerys’ ambition, allies and, oh yeah, FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS, she’s become one of the Iron Throne’s biggest contenders. And just like Dany’s dragons, the artists on The Heat spit fire with their verses and burn up the charts with their blazing beats. Oh, and did we mention ambition? They have that in common, too.

The House Targaryen playlist features songs like Family Feud (Jay-Z), Flames (Justine Sky), Loyalty (Kendrick Lamar/Rihanna), Bow Down (Beyonce), Fire (Big Sean), Trap Trap Trap (Rick Ross/Young Thug/Wale) and more smoking hot tracks. Like many of these artists, Daenerys Targaryen took control of her own fate and used her charisma to influence hordes of followers (*cough* Beyonce *cough*).


House Lannister would be listening to The Pulse (Ch. 15)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Lannisters are running things in Westeros now that Cersei has taken the Iron Throne. But ruling the seven kingdoms is much like ruling the pop charts — you may debut at No. 1, but everyone wants their chance at the crown. What better channel to soundtrack Cersei’s heart-stopping lust for power than The Pulse? If their motto, “Hear Me Roar,” can inspire Katy Perry, then perhaps some pop bangers would inspire this blonde brood in turn!

The House Lannister playlist features songs like Castle On The Hill (Ed Sheeran), Royals (Lorde), Roar (Katy Perry), There’s Nothing Holding Me Back (Shawn Mendes), King of Anything (Sara Bareilles), Take It All Back (Judah & The Lion), and many more memorable hits — no hit-men required. Here’s hoping that this playlist isn’t the only “pulse” the Lannisters are left with this season.


House Martell would be listening to SiriusXM Chill (Ch. 53)

With no heir left to the Martell name, the Sand Snakes have taken over. But if they weren’t busy avenging their father’s death, they’d be enjoying all that Dorne has to offer: Sunshine, beautiful water gardens and sandy deserts. The Dornish have more relaxed views of morality, and they like to indulge in their passions. So, they’d likely be spending their time dancing to tropical house music and sipping on citrusy cocktails. Maybe they’d throw a festival in the Garden or a dance party in the desert sand, Burning Man-style. What better channel to cool down these fiery people than SiriusXM Chill?

The House Martell playlist features songs like Waves (Nora En Pure), Heatwave (Robin Schulz), Oceans Away (ARIZONA/Sam Feldt), Kings and Queens of Summer (Matstubs), First Time (Kygo), Loungin (Aso) and many more sun-soaked, downtempo tracks.