Explore Quentin Tarantino’s favorite songs & soundtracks during ‘My Whatever Playlist’

Hear hidden gems from ‘Mondo Hollywood,’ ‘Run Angel Run,’ ‘Lords of Flatbush,’ and more during the special that’s anything but inglorious.

Jackie Kolgraf
July 26, 2021

Have you ever wondered what music legendary director, producer, screenwriter, and author Quentin Tarantino loves? In a special episode of My Whatever Playlist on VOLUME (Ch. 106) hosted by Tarantino himself, he takes you through hand-selected tracks and breaks down hidden gems from movie soundtracks, including Mondo Hollywood, Run Angel Run, and Lords of Flatbush. Hear which songs make him tick, inspire him, and more on the SXM App now.

Watch a clip from the interview where Tarantino introduces a song from the soundtrack to Honky Tonk Freeway now!