Don’t miss an exclusive early premiere of I Prevail’s & Ice Nine Kills’ all-new albums

In advance of both albums’ October 30 releases, hear exclusive interviews and sneak previews a full day early on Octane (Ch. 37).

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October 28, 2020

We see your horror movie marathons and raise you a special Octane Double Feature with I Prevail and Ice Nine Kills. On October 30, both bands are releasing live albums, but you can catch a special sneak preview back to back before their respective releases!

Tune in on October 29 at 12pm ET to get spooky with exclusive interviews with the bands followed by the live performances on both albums: I Prevail’s Post Traumatic and Ice Nine Kills’ I Heard They Kill Live exclusively on Octane (Ch. 37). See additional broadcast times below and hear the special On Demand after it premieres.

Double Feature Schedule

October 29 at 6pm ET (I Prevail / Ice Nine Kills)

October 30 at 12am ET (Ice Nine Kills / I Prevail)