Celebrate New Year’s Eve with 12 LIVE concerts & more!

Ring in 2018 with year-end countdowns and live concert performances from around the country!

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December 26, 2017

No matter where you are on New Year’s Eve this year, SiriusXM is taking you around the country as we ring in the new year with the biggest countdowns and live performances from around the world!

You’ll find the very best from 2017 with year-end countdowns on SiriusXM’s current music channels. Plus, hear live performances as the hottest artists take the stage to ring in the new year. Click here to receive a calendar reminder to listen to the limited-run channel, New Year’s Nation (Ch. 4).


Hits 1 Top 45 of 2017

December 30 at 6 am ET
Replays: 12/30 at 3 pm, 12/31 at 1 pm, 12/31 at 9 pm, 1/1 at 12 am, 1/1 at 4 am, 1/1 at 11 am, 1/1 at 7 pm, 1/2 at 3 am ET

Who will have the biggest and most played song of 2017, as decided by the Wutchuwant Crew, on Hits 1? What were the biggest albums, shows, songs, movies and moments in pop culture? Spyder Harrison and the rest of the Hits 1 squad reveal it all on the Top 45 of 2017!

Top 30 Pulse Songs of 2017 Countdown

December 28 at 8 pm ET (with replays throughout the holiday weekend)

The Pulse DJ’s Ron, Kim, Jim & Karen countdown the 30 biggest Pulse songs of the year.


Alt Nation LogoThe Alt18 session songs of 2017

December 30 at 1pm ET
Replays: 12/30 at 7pm, 12/31 at 3am, 12/31 at 10am, 12/31 at 4pm, 12/31 at 10pm, 1/1 at 10am, 1/1 at 3pm, 1/1 at 9pm, 1/2 at 8am, 1/2 at 12pm ET

2017 was another awesome year for exclusive Alt Nation sessions from some of our favorite artists! Now hear 18 of the best songs from those sessions in this special year end Alt18 Countdown!

Top 41 Indie Songs of 2017

December 28 at 5 pm ET
Replays: 12/28 at 8 pm, 12/29 at 6 am, 12/29 at 2 pm, 12/31 at 3 pm, 12/31 at 11 pm, 1/1 at 9 am, 1/1 at 3 pm, 1/1 at 9 pm

SiriusXMU will count down the Top 41 Indie Songs of 2017, hosted by Jenny Eliscu and Julia Cunningham.

Octane’s Big Uns of the Year!

December 27 at 6 pm ET

Octane counts down the top 30 songs of 2017 as voted on by the Octane Airforce and hosted by the Octane DJs.

Jam_ON’s 2017 Jam of the Year Countdown

December 29 at 7 pm ET
Replays: 12/30 at 12 pm, 12/31 at 9 am, 12/31 at 6 pm & 1/1 at 8 am ET

Hear this year’s biggest live music moments during Jam_ON’s 2017 Jam of the Year Countdown!

E Street Radio’s E Street Shuffle: The Top 100 Bruce Springsteen Songs Replays through New Year’s Day

E Street Radio has the largest community of Bruce fans, and we asked the E Street Nation to vote for their favorites! The E Street Shuffle is the top 100 Bruce Springsteen song countdown hosted by Jim Rotolo & Dave Marsh. Featuring songs introduced by the fans, including some famous fans like Rob Lowe, Kevin Bacon, Tim McGraw, John McEnroe, and more!


The Heat’s Annual Top 35 Countdown

December 30 at 7 am ET
Replays: 12/30 at 1 pm, 12/30 at 9 pm, 12/31 at 12 pm, 12/31 at 7 pm ET

We spent most of 2017 woke! But just in case you were sleeping, The Heat’s got you! It’s the hotness 2017, The Heat’s Annual Top 35 Countdown. Dion and Deja will be recapping the hottest songs in R&B and hip-hop and the biggest stories of the year as well as prepping us for 2018 with future fire artists to watch.

Shade 45’s Top 45 of 2017!

December 30 at 8 am ET
Replays: 12/31 at 8pm ET

DJ Whoo Kid & Gray Rizzy will host our 2017 Shade45 Top 45 countdown.  Join them as they go head to head on this years’ top releases in Hip-Hop and who reigns supreme in the No. 1 spot on Shade 45!

Music Meeting Top 20 of 2017

December 30 at 6pm ET
Replays: 12/31 at 6pm ET

We have had a major year in Hip-Hop and we want to close out in a major way with DJ Suss One, DJ Nina 9, and Torae hosting our final countdown for 2017!  Listen to the Music Meeting Top 20 Hip Hop songs of 2017.


BPM’s Top 51 of 2017

December 29 at 4pm ET
Replays: 12/30 at 6am, 12/30 at 2pm, 12/31 at 12pm, 12/31 at 5pm, 1/1 at 8am, 1/1 at 12pm, 1/1 at 4pm ET

Start off 2018 right by reminiscing and listening to the top 51 dance songs of the year hosted by Geronimo, Ben Harvey, Rida, Liquid Todd, Mallory Lynne, and Danny Valentino. What will be number 1?

AreaTop20 of 2017

December 29 at 4pm ET
Replays: 12/30 at 11am, 1/2 at 2pm ET

Electric Area counts down the hottest tracks of 2017 from the underground to the main stage!

Top 30 Disco Hits of 1977!

December 29 at 10pm
Replays: 12/30 at 6am, 12/30 at 11am, 12/30 at 4pm, 12/31 at 8am, 12/31 at 1pm, 12/31 at 5pm, 1/1 at 12pm, 1/1 at 6pm ET

Ring in 2018 with the Top 30 Disco Hits of 1977 hosted by Danny Valentino. Not only are we celebrating the New Year, but also Donna Summer’s birthday! She may even make an appearance on the countdown!


Matt Maher Live New Year’s Special

December 31 at 11pm ET
Replays: 1/1 at 2am, 12pm, 10pm ET

What better way to celebrate the new year than with live music! Matt Maher performs songs from his latest album, “Echoes” and some of his biggest hits from atop the Sony Building in New York City.

17 in ’17 Year End Countdown

December 29 at 12pm ET
Replays: 12/30 at 3pm, 12/31 at 9am, 12/31 at 9pm, 1/1 at 6am, 1/1 at 6pm ET

It’s been a great year for Message music, and as much as we’re looking forward to what 2018 will bring, we can’t let this year go by without looking back on the 17 biggest songs that made an impact in 2017. So, for the first time ever, we’re presenting a year-end countdown hosted by none other than MercyMe’s Bart Millard and Ellie Holcomb. They are sure to put a smile on your face as we head into the new year together!

New Year’s Eve Concerts

SiriusXM is ringing in 2018 with concerts across the country, across numerous channels. See the full lineup below.