De-Stress with Our Back-to-School Chill Music Mix

Hear an hour lo-fi vibes to help you de-stress and get focused.

Matt Simeone
September 5, 2023

The end of the summer ushers in (for many) the return of school – and (for many more) stress. Whether you’re readying yourself of your kids for the new school year, or just looking for a chill mix, we have you covered with a brand-new SiriusXM App exclusive.

Listen to Chillhop Back-To-School Beats on the SiriusXM App

Listen to Chillhop Back-To-School Beats, an hour-long mix of calming jazz and lo-fi hip-hop vibes to help you de-stress, get focused, study, and even wind down for the night. The tracks on the mix, which is available to stream on the app anytime, include all of the below and more.

Downtempo music is scientifically proven to help you relax and fall asleep. Stress creates cortisol, a hormone that tells your body when you’re in danger or need to be on high alert. But being under constant stress and therefore creating consistent high cortisol levels can lead to health problems like increased anxiety and depression. A 2021 study published in Brain Sciences showed that adults who listened to music both at home and in a laboratory setting had reduced cortisol levels. Similarly, music has been shown to reduce chronic pain, likely through “distraction, relaxation, [and] positive emotion,” according to Scientific Reports. Consider incorporating calming music during these parts of your day to encourage similar feelings.

Chillhop Back-To-School Beats (Partial Tracklist):

STLNDRMS – “Brush your Teeth”
Strehlow, Jazzinuf, and Noé Mina – “Vista Del Bosque”
Elaquent – “Recurring Dream”
Ohbliv – “Dreamcatcher”
Hz. and Imagiro – “Cloud”
Daryl Donald – “Solar Myth”
Odd Wilson – “No Skateboarding In the Mall”
invention_ – “Hover”
Instupendo – “Comfort Chain”
No Spirit – “Goosebumps”
Glimlip and Nokiaa – “1936”
Peter Bark – “Kelp Forest”
And more (listen now for the full tracklist)

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