Artist Accelerator: SXM & Pandora to Amplify Coco Jones and More with New Program

SiriusXM and Pandora’s ‘Artist Accelerator’ program is kicking off with R&B singer Coco Jones.

Matt Simeone
November 16, 2022

SiriusXM and Pandora are fast-tracking the careers of tomorrow’s music superstars with Artist Accelerator — an all-new program kicking off with R&B singer Coco Jones.

What Is Artist Accelerator?

Artist Accelerator aims to develop and break new artists by leveraging the massive combined audience of the company’s flagship premium subscription service, SiriusXM, and its ad-supported streaming service, Pandora. Created by the SiriusXM and Pandora programming and curation teams, the Artist Accelerator puts a spotlight on emerging artists and aims to remove barriers created by today’s song-first-driven culture to help artists grow their listener base and build fandom.

Over the course of a year, the Artist Accelerator program will select six to twelve artists across a wide range of genres, who will receive focused programming for a sustained campaign across SiriusXM channels and Pandora stations, as well as various ongoing marketing support from both brands. Leveraging the reach of SiriusXM’s broadcast network and Pandora’s personalized radio offering, the Artist Accelerator program is unlike any other, exposing selected artists to over 100 million listeners to help them succeed.

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Get to Know Coco Jones

artist accelerator coco jonesThe SiriusXM and Pandora programming teams have selected Coco Jones as the first artist to be amplified in the Artist Accelerator program. SiriusXM is the first at radio to support Coco’s latest Single, “I.C.U.,” from her debut EP, What I Didn’t Tell You, playing it in accelerated rotation beginning October 21, 2022, on The Heat (Ch. 46) and Heart & Soul (Ch. 48). The Heat has named Jones a “Future Fire” artist, while Heart & Soul has named the song a “Platinum Pick.” Aligning with SiriusXM, Pandora has advanced support of the song across its platform.Click here to stream The Heat on SiriusXM

Click here to stream Heart & Soul on SiriusXM

Coco has been on the big screen — film and on TV since she was a tween; she’s currently the new Hilary Banks in Peacock’s Fresh Prince reboot, Bel-Air. You also may have seen her on the tiny screen — with nearly 2 million TikTok followers, dedicated to upping representation for proud, talented, dark-skinned Black women. Now, the multi-faceted Jones can be heard, as the 24-year-old leans into music craftsmanship with a brand of R&B as soulful as it is relatable, as diary-honest as it is marked by powerful storytelling.

“I genuinely could not be more excited to be partnered with SiriusXM and Pandora,” said Coco. “The way that they’ve supported me and found new ways to highlight my future while acknowledging my past, is iconic. There’s definitely more to come, this is just the beginning! I’m excited for y’all to come with me through the whole journey!”

Watch Coco’s Interview

Ahead of her Artist Accelerator announcement, Coco sat down with SiriusXM host Swaggy Sie for a nearly 20-minute interview. Watch Coco discuss running into Rihanna at the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere, earning respect as both an actress and singer, her musical projects underway, and much more.