Alex Rodriguez Opens Up About the Boston Red Sox, Hall of Fame, and Aaron Judge

“I paid the price and if I don’t get to the Hall of Fame, there’s absolutely no one to blame but myself.”

Matthew Fanizza
May 31, 2023


Former MLB player and current sports analyst Alex Rodriguez recently made an appearance on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio with host Adam Schein for an in-depth interview. In the conversation, Rodriguez discussed almost signing with the Boston Red Sox, his thoughts on the National Baseball Hall of Fame, MLB’s new rules, and players like Aaron Judge.

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Possible Red Sox Deal

One of the intriguing highlights of the conversation was Rodriguez’s reflection about almost joining the Boston Red Sox. “We had a signed contract. We had three signatures and we needed four,” he shared.

Rodriguez expressed his disappointment, adding, “I thought it was a perfect storm. What great thing for baseball, Derek [Jeter] against Alex.”

He believed that a rivalry between the two teams would have been a “magnificent partnership” that could have shaped the history of the sport. “We were both shortstops, entering the prime of our careers and I just thought it was [a] magnificent partnership in sports to have us go against each other 20 times a year,” he said.

Hall of Fame Considerations

Moving on to discussing MLB’s Hall of Fame, Rodriguez brought up the controversial issue of players associated with performance-enhancing drugs.

“I understand the magnitude of the Hall of Fame. I have so much respect for it. I wish one day I can get in, but here’s the thing, Adam, I understand the mistakes that I made,” he said.

Rodriguez continued, “I paid the price and if I don’t get to the Hall of Fame, there’s absolutely no one to blame but myself. My goal in life now is that even if I don’t get in… [I want] to be a voice for Major League Baseball, be a voice for Rob Manfred, and to talk to the next generation of players and say, ‘Hey, don’t make the mistakes that I made.'”

New MLB Rules and Aaron Judge

Later in the interview, Rodriguez shared his insights on various aspects of the game, including the recent rule changes in MLB.

“I think it’s time for all of us to pause and salute [Rob Manfred] because he’s done an incredible job,” Rodriguez said. “When you see the NFL, when you see soccer, when you see UFC, they’re on fire, you have to be able to divorce some of your history [and] lean into some of the progressive thinking.”

When Adam Schein asked about current New York Yankee star Aaron Judge, Alex instantly said, “He is Derek Jeter 2.0. Everything that was great about Derek is great about Aaron Judge.” Rodriguez continued, “He’s a guy that the late George Steinbrenner would have been absolutely in love with without question.

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