U.S. Music Royalty Fee


Last updated: January 1, 2014

Details about the U.S. Music Royalty Fee are provided below.

  1. Why does SiriusXM Radio pay music royalties?

    Music royalty rights were established by Congress and are the product of the Copyright Act. Unlike terrestrial radio, SiriusXM is required to pay copyright music royalties to recording artists, musicians and recording labels that hold copyrights in sound recordings (the actual recording of a work) that were fixed after 1972. Like terrestrial radio, SiriusXM must also pay music publishers who hold copyrights in musical compositions (or the lyrics and music) through their collective organizations such as ASCAP and BMI. The U.S. Music Royalty Fee offsets royalties payable by SiriusXM to composers, publishers, recording artists, musicians and record labels that hold copyrights in musical works and sound recordings.

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  2. Who benefits from the U.S. Music Royalty Fee?

    The U.S. Music Royalty Fee funds existing and anticipated royalty payments to the music industry, which includes writers and artists.

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  3. How much is the U.S. Music Royalty Fee?

    The fee is currently $1.87 on our base $14.99/month Select subscription package and $1.25/month for plans that are eligible for a multiple radio discount. Your fee may vary depending on the Package and Plan term you choose and the number of subscriptions on your account. We may adjust the U.S. Music Royalty fee from time to time to reflect changes in our royalty costs. For our current U.S. Music Royalty fees click here.

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  4. Did the U.S. Music Royalty Fee Change in 2014?

    The effective rate used to calculate our U.S. Music Royalty fee for subscription packages which include music channels has been in effect since February 1, 2013. However, since the subscription rates for some of our packages changed on January 1, 2014, the resulting U.S. Music Royalty fee also changed slightly for some of our packages. For more information, click here.

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  5. How is the U.S. Music Royalty Fee calculated?

    The U.S. Music Royalty Fee is currently 12.5% of the subscription price of plans that include musical performances. For certain subscription packages, including All Access, the U.S. Music Royalty Fee is calculated on only a portion of the total base subscription rate for that package and not on the entire subscription rate. The portion of the subscription rate used to calculate the fee is subject to change.

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  6. Do all SiriusXM subscribers pay the same fee?

    No. Subscribers to our Internet service and to SiriusXM plans that do not include musical performances do not pay a U.S. Music Royalty Fee. In addition, the fee for your specific subscription will vary, based on the package, plan length and number of subscriptions you have on your account.

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  7. Will I have to pay the U.S. Music Royalty Fee on the free months I received for buying an annual or longer plan?

    No, free months do not incur any U.S. Music Royalty Fees.

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  8. When will I pay the U.S. Music Royalty fee?

    If applicable, the fee is automatically added to the cost of your subscription, along with any state and local taxes we are required to collect based upon your address.

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  9. Is the U.S. Music Royalty Fee applied to activations and other fees?


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