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  • Easter Sunday Praise with Kristian Stanfill Sun 4/20 9:00 am ET Happy Easter from The Message! To celebrate His joyous resurrection, we’ve called upon one of Worship music’s most prominent singer/songwriters, Kristian Stanfill of the Passion movement, to guest host Sunday Praise, which becomes “Easter Sunday Praise!” He’ll play some of the Worship songs that have meant the most to him and inspired him over the years throughout the six hours you’ll spend together. It’s another Message exclusive!

  • The Message: AMPED! Saturdays 11 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Tuesdays 11 pm ET
    Kayla plays music that she's passionate about! On-the-air, she likes to brighten someone’s day, and off-the-air, she volunteers at a homeless shelter and a school in her area.

  • Sunday Praise Sundays 9 am ETIt's the perfect musical companion for your ride to and from Sunday Service. The best praise and worship music from Chris Tomlin, Twila Paris, Hillsong United, Don Moen and more.

  • Changing Tracks Weekdays 9 am ETThe Message always tries to play the songs that impact your life the most. What better way to play exactly the right song than to ask you?! Tell us what song helped show you the way or was there for you in a moment of joy, sorrow or any other life-changing moment. These are called “Changing Tracks” and Lori Thompson will share your stories and play your songs every weekday morning. Share yours by reaching out by phone, email or even Facebook, all listed on the right of this page!

  • Doug Hannah | email
    Weekdays 7 am - 2 pm ET
    Sundays 9 am - 3 pm ET
    Proud husband and dad, Doug has been in Christian radio since 1983, with stops in Detroit, Chicago, Houston and Nashville. “People will forget what is spoken, but a great song and its message can be remembered for generations. That’s why I believe in the power of the music we play on ‘The Message’."

  • Tom Carter | email
    Weekdays 2 pm - 9 pm ET
    Saturdays 9 am - 3 pm ET
    At 14 Tom got his first clock radio. "I listened all the time, and knew I wanted to become a DJ. Also, I had seen a picture of a DJ with his feet propped up on the counter while a song was playing. I thought, 'That's the kind of job I want!'" Top interviews have been Jars Of Clay and Amy Grant.

  • Kayla | emailKayla is proud to be a part of The Message and is passionate about the music she lives on a daily basis. One of Kayla's favorite quotes is from Mother Theresa, "If you can't do anything else, be kind." She continues to make time to volunteer with the homeless shelter and schools in her area.

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