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  • Doug Hannah

    Doug Hannah | email
    Weekdays 7 am - 2 pm ET
    Sundays 9 am - 3 pm ET

    Doug Hannah has three idols: David Letterman, Tim Keller, and anyone who can shake exactly two Tylenol out of the bottle with one shake, every time.

    Though he grew up wanting to be a professional bowler, these days Doug is a jock on The Message reminding listeners that God is a God of grace, and that you don’t have to work harder to earn anything from Him.

    Other fun facts: Doug drinks an unbelievable amount of Diet Pepsi every day, and he's a self-professed gadget freak. No, really: He buys every new iPhone and iPad the day they come out and is ALWAYS reading tech news blogs. He's geeky like that.

  • Tom Carter

    Tom Carter | email
    Weekdays 2 pm - 9 pm ET
    Saturdays 9 am - 3 pm ET

    Tom Carter was 15 years old when he opened the mic for the first time; he had to do a newscast at 7 am on a Sunday morning. Considering he had a mouth full of metal braces at the time, he did pretty well.
    When he's not chugging another cup of coffee (he drinks way too much, but he justifies it by saving all of the articles that say java has health benefits), Tom is acting goofy and utilizing his dry sense of humor. If he can make someone smile, he's happy. But if he can make someone laugh, it's a home run.

  • Kayla

    Kayla | email

    The first time Kayla went on the air, she was terrified. She was working at her college radio station at the time -- a hard rock station, and knew nothing about hard rock. She was sure she'd screw it up. Once she opened the mic, however, she had fallen in love.

    The essential quality Kayla brings to her broadcasts is that she's just like everyone else listening: working when she doesn't always want to, running late, jamming to her favorite songs, and looking forward to weekends and summer concerts.

    Kayla even has an assortment of tattoos: two on her left ankle, a quote from Mother Theresa on her right shoulder blade, "WWJD" on the outside of her left wrist, and, on the inside, a nail with a ribbon that says "I trust in you."

    With Kayla being such a rock 'n' roller, most people are surprised to learn that she loves her faith, prays regularly,  and goes to Sunday and daily mass. But that's Kayla for you: always taking risks and defying the status quo.