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  • Coffee House Live w/ Rebecca Pidgeon Thurs 5/1 12:00 pm ET The Coffee House presents “Coffee House Live!” weekly close-up acoustic performances with legendary & up and coming singer-songwriters & acoustic rock bands. This week, hear Rebecca Pidgeon. Born in the US and raised in Scotland, Pidgeon has been a Singer/Actress for over 20 years. She received her training while attending London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Rebecca started singing in different groups in the mid/late 80s before starting her solo career in the early 90s. It was at that time that she also began her acting career and met her future husband, acclaimed American film director David Mamet. She has appeared in many movies and TV shows since while maintaining her career as a recording artist. In 2013 she released her latest album Blue Dress On featuring the song "I Can't Forgive You." Recently Rebecca Pidgeon stopped by the Sirius XM studios to share some of her songs on Coffee House Live!

    Rebroadcast: Fri 5/2 12:00 am ET
  • Coffee House Live Thursdays 12 pm
    Rebroadcasts: Fridays 12 am ET

    The Coffee House presents Coffee House Live, weekly intimate acoustic performances with legendary as well as up-and-coming singer-songwriters & acoustic rock bands.

  • Coffee Covers Every HourClassic and modern hits re-interpreted acoustically by new & established Coffee House artists every hour

  • House Blends Every Hour

    Hear acoustic versions of rock & pop songs, many done exclusively in the SiriusXM studios, by singer-songwriters, and rock bands going unplugged, every hour

  • Singer-Songwriter Discoveries Every Hour

    Fresh faces of the acoustic world brought right to your ears, hear new acoustic singer-songwriters every hour

  • Darrin Smith | emailAs a child, Darrin interviewed visitors to his house with a toy microphone; a couple of years later he was attending concerts at NYC's legendary Pier. Little did he know that, just a few years later, he would be interviewing many of those artists...with a real microphone!

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