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  • IES_ALEX_76x76

    Alex Rodriguez

    Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez is a former Starcraft II commentator and pro-gamer for ROOT Gaming. Utilizing his experience casting and hosting events such as the Blizzard World Championships and Rocket League’s Championship Series, Alex now Co-Hosts and Produces Machinima’s Inside eSports.

  • Kevin-Knocke76x76

    Kevin Knocke

    Kevin Knocke has been a broadcaster, host, and producer in esports since 2010. Originally a StarCraft 2 play-by-play commentator, he's known for covering and providing esports insight to the biggest gaming organizations in the world. He thought he was a respectable esports player himself until Korean StarCraft II competitors appeared on the scene and showed him what it really means to be a pro.

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  • IES_JOSH_76x76

    Josh Lee

    Joshua "Piscator" Lee is an eSports shoutcaster, known for casting events such as HTC Ascension, the AfreecaTV International College Championship, the Overwatch Regional Clash, and the Overwatch eSports Rally at Dreamhack Austin. Today, he is Co-Host and Producer of Machinima’s Inside eSports!

  • King Kaufman

    King Kaufman

    King Kaufman is the Writer Program Manager for Bleacher Report. He oversees education and editorial feedback for the site's writers and maintains the Bleacher Report Blog, a resource for journalists.

    Kaufman began his career as News Director and sports play-by-play announcer at KALX-Radio at the University of California. He was an editor and features and boxing writer at the Hearst San Francisco Examiner from 1989 to 1996, then was the founding copy editor at, where he spent 14 years, nine of them as the author of the King Kaufman's Sports Daily column. For two years, he advised the student newspaper at Washington University in St. Louis, and he was the co-editor of the 2012 and 2013 editions of "Baseball Prospectus." His writing has been anthologized in the following collections:

    "Afterwords: Stories and Reports From 9/11 and Beyond"
    "Iron Mike: A Mike Tyson Reader"
    "Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader, 4th Edition"
    "Top of the Order: 25 Writers Pick Their Favorite Baseball Player of All Time"
    "The Hall of Nearly Great"

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